Anastacia is releasing a greatest hits collection.

The 'I'm Outta Love' hitmaker will release 'Ultimate Collection' on October 30, packed full of hits from her career of more than 15 years, during which she has sold over 30 million record worldwide, and marks a return to Sony which catapulted her to stardom with her debut single in 2000.

Speaking about the collection, she said: ''I feel so blessed and humbled to be experiencing this exciting next chapter of my life. The idea for my 'Ultimate Collection' is to include something for everyone. I'm eternally grateful to be reunited with Sony, the record label that made all of this possible from day one. 15 years later I'm back, I'm home and I couldn't be happier''.

The album comes a decade after the 46-year-old star - whose other hits include 'Left Outside Alone' and 'Paid My Dues' - released her first greatest hits collection 'Pieces of a Dream', and will be released a year after her sixth studio record 'Resurrection', which was inspired by her struggle with breast cancer.

Anastacia - who is currently touring as part of her 80-date 'Resurrection' world tour - previously spoke about the illness and her double mastectomy, admitting it was a ''serious life change''.

She said: ''It's a serious life change - you're removing part of your body. But I knew I could do it and not have radiation and wouldn't have to go down that road again - and I'd come out of it breast cancer-free.

'For me, there was no other choice. I don't like to gamble. I don't know if I'll get another type of cancer, I'm not a crystal ball reader, but I do know now I won't go through breast cancer again and there's a sense of freedom I get from that.''