Ana De Armas wants to see more roles for Latina women in Hollywood.

The 32-year-old actress stars as Paloma in the upcoming James Bond flick, 'No Time To Die', but has said she still finds it ''very challenging'' for women to ''get a good part'' in a movie.

Ana - who hails from Cuba - believes there's even more disparity when it comes to Latina women, and wants to see ''better roles'' offered to more diverse actresses in the future.

She said: ''It's still very challenging for women in general to get a good part, there's almost nothing ... good roles for women, for Latina characters, are still so difficult to come by.

''I think we need to push for [better roles] ... I think writers, directors, and producers and all the people who make those decisions and create those stories are realising how much richer things are when we represent the world the way it actually is.''

'No Time To Die' is set to hit cinemas next month after being met with several delays after movie theatres were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And Ana says she can't wait to head out to see the film on the big screen, as she says the movie - which marks Daniel Craig's final outing as 007 - will be ''very emotional'' for everyone involved in the production.

She added to Flaunt magazine: ''It's been such a long time coming but finally, the theatres are starting to re-open and the world can finally see it. I'm looking forward to the moment and I'm really hoping ... we also get a chance to celebrate after all the hard work.

''I still don't really know if I'm going to see my co-stars or if we're going to get to celebrate together finally. It's Daniel's last movie and that's a big deal - it's been very emotional for everybody. I don't even know if we're all going to be able to get together yet.''