Amy Winehouse's family and friends have been left devastated after thieves raided the late singer's Camden home, taking off with £130,000 worth of dresses, including the gown she wore on her wedding day in 2006. Several of the pieces were set to be auctioned in New York later this year to raise money for the family's charity The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

According to the London Evening Standard, a newsprint cocktail dress that she famously wore on the Jools Holland show in 2006 was also taken from the house, where she died last year. The wedding dress had a predicted value of $100,000, while the 'Jools' dress would have raised around £30,000. Amy's father Mitch said he was "baffled" as to why the thieves had not gone for the more valuable designer dresses, saying, "Her wedding dress was only a little cotton thing, a hundred quid at best in the shops. Whoever nicked it realised its significance and knew it had an extra value." In theory he's right, though the designer dresses would no doubt have been easier to sell-on. The dress she wore on the Jools Holland show is pretty recognisable and - like famous works of art - has a decent chance of showing up eventually. Mitch added, "It's sickening that someone would steal something in the knowledge of its sentimental value."

The Grammy award winning singer was found dead on July 23, last year. Traces of the alcohol withdrawal drug Librium were found in her body, though there were no signs of illegal drugs.