The Amy Winehouse Foundation is preparing for its first major fundraising event. Sky News report that the organisation is gearing up for the Amy Winehouse Foundation Ball at the Dorchester Hotel.

Calling upon his daughter’s many contacts in the recording industry, Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse is helping to promote the event, which will feature performances from Jamie Cullum, Matt Goss and Amy’s friend (and former contestant on the Voice), Tyler James.

The money raised will be used to help disadvantaged young people; something that Mitch explained was very important to Amy. He recalls how he once asked Amy who a girl was, in her flat and Amy replied that the girl was homeless and that she was helping her out. She stayed with Amy for around six months.

One of the charities that has already benefited from donations from the Amy Winehouse Foundation, is the Pilion Trust Crashpad in London. Last Christmas, they housed over 106 young people with nowhere to go. As well as providing a bed for homeless young people in the winter months, they also provide support and advice. Amy was known to have suffered with drug and alcohol addiction for many years and the foundation aims to help other young people experiencing similar problems. 

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