Amy Winehouse's home has sold for £1.98m ($3.2m) at an auction in Piccadilly, by auctioneer Chris McHugh. The original asking price was £2.7m when it was on the open market but after sparse interest and a few bidders failing to be able to actually get the money together to purchase it, the family opted to sell it at auction.

The house is a semi-detached property in Camden Square and despite there being no word of Winehouse's name in the auction catalog, "word got out" according to Mr McHugh. As the BBC reports, there were 5 bidders who got the ball rolling after the star price was set at £1.7m. The guide price is said to have been £1.8m but the price it eventually sold for is apparently pretty standard for that area of Camden. "They did have it on the market but they didn't get the result for them," said Mr McHugh. Adding, "I think they are pleased they have drawn a line under it."

Celebrity memorabilia is normally hot property, and the ex-homes of celebrities often do sell for more than the normal price for the size and location, but perhaps that it was the place that Amy Winehouse was found after she died put some sellers off hence the very reduced price that it eventually sold for.