For a man associated with the cool, glacial music of British band Portishead, the group's co-founder Geoff Barrows can sure be head strong when he wants to be. The 39 year-old musician was promoting his side-project Beak's new album to Electronic Beats when he decided to launch a scathing attack on the late singer Amy Winehouse, accusing her of being "fake" in her singing style.

"I think Whiney Sh*tehouse - Amy Winehouse -, by the end of it, had become just a comic character of herself and how she sang" Barrows fumed to the blog. "I saw her with an electric guitar in a little pub in Bristol and people were going "that's amazing" but it wasn't all that. Then she had the big drug problem and all the tabloids got involved and she would start being Minnie Ripperton or whatever it was." He finished his tirade by saying "It seemed fake, but because there was a massive drug problem you couldn't say it was fake, but her actual voice was fake. She had a real life with a fake voice."

Barrows however was more complimentary about Adele, commenting that "I think Adele sings in her own voice, I think it's her trying to be a big voice and that's her." Barrow has since been forced to defend his comments on Twitter, claiming that he was "misquoted", though insisted that he still wasn't a fan.