Amy Schumer managed to shock her peers when she tied the knot with her new partner Chris Fischer less than a year after her break-up with her last boyfriend. She opened up to Ellen Degeneres about the celebrating her engagement at the talk show host's birthday party.

Amy Schumer at the premiere of 'I Feel Pretty'Amy Schumer at the premiere of 'I Feel Pretty'

The 36-year-old wasted no time in getting back on the horse following her split from furniture designer Ben Hanisch in May last year. She ended up getting together chef Chris Fischer, who she had been introduced to by her former manager, and the pair hit it off so well that they were engaged by February 2018.

'Celebrities are supposed to be quiet when they're getting married', Amy reflected during her appearance on 'The Ellen Show', where she spoke about telling everyone at Ellen's 60th birthday party that she was about to tie the knot. 'We got engaged that morning, so we were going around everyone, 'We're getting married!''

'We were getting advice from everybody', she added. '[We were telling] everyone who would listen: the caterers, the valets.'

Meanwhile, Amy being a comedian and everything, pretty much everyone - including Ellen and her wife Portia de Rossi - didn't think she was being serious. 'I know you thought I was kidding', said Amy, who ended up texting Ellen the following day to invite her to the wedding which was just two days later.

'I was doing a show, I would've gone', said Ellen, with Amy jokingly replying: 'No, everyone has an excuse.'

Naturally, not a huge amount of careful planning and preparation went into their special day. In fact, Amy only tried on the one wedding gown which she ended up wearing; a $5,490 Monique Lhuillier 'Severine Chantilly Lace & Tulle' dress selected by stylist Leesa Evans.

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'We've known each other about a year, we'd already been living together for like five months. And... we knew', Amy said.