Amy Schumer's assistant once dressed up like her to fool paparazzi waiting outside her house.

The 'Trainwreck' star made the admission in her new docuseries 'Expecting Amy', which documents her pregnancy, and recalled one funny incident where Molly was asked to impersonate the comedienne.

Chris shared: ''The day after her pregnancy we had a lot of paparazzi outside waiting.''

Whilst Amy added in her new documentary: ''We were like, 'Molly, you have to look s******* and s******* and s*******', until she was literally a homeless guy wearing a Hello Dolly sweatshirt.''

With Chris then adding: ''Amy had to go somewhere and she didn't want them to follow her, so Molly ran after the car and got in and we drove off.''

It comes after Amy revealed her mother Sandra saves all her ''negative'' press cuttings.

Speaking on her podcast 'Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith', she said: ''She cuts it all out.''

Co-host Rachel Feinstein quipped: ''Amy's mom makes scrapbooks of everything she's done, including like negative press.''

Amy added: ''Yeah, someone's like writing that I'm fat. And she cuts it out and glues it in a book. She was like, 'Did you know they were calling you fat in Us Weekly?' I'm like, 'No, I didn't know. Thank you, mom.'''

Despite her long list of accomplishments, including award wins, stand-up specials, and popular movies, nothing makes Amy's mother prouder than reading about her daughter in a local newspaper.

She said: ''My mom did, she wrote a list of like all my accomplishments. They were haunting, but she's still like, there's nothing that gets her more fired up than me being in Newsday, which is the Long Island newspaper. You know, she's like, 'You're in Newsday, you know?'''