Comedian Amy Schumer has revealed she was one of the names asked to replace Jon Stewart as host of 'The Daily Show', after he announced he was stepping down later this year. The gig of course eventually went to South African comedian and ‘Daily Show’ regular, Trevor Noah, but just what was it that made the ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ star say no to Comedy Central’s offer?

Amy SchumerAmy Schumer has revealed she turned down ‘The Daily Show’.

Speaking to the The Daily Beast, Schumer explained “I was so honored to be asked and considered. With Comedy Central, I project so much ‘You’re my parents!’ on the network and the people that run it, so them saying, ‘We believe in you and trust that you can do this,’ I thought, ‘Oh my god, thank you!’”

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“And then I thought, ‘Well, I could give everyone I love a job and we could all be together for five years. But picturing being in a building and knowing what I was going to do for five years—I love not knowing. And I’ve never done anything safe or to make money for that reason. So, you know, I said, ‘I can’t start now.’”

But Schumer wasn't the only well known comedian to be approached about the ‘Daily Show’ gig. A New York Times magazine profile of the network published last week, revealed that Comedy Central had called 'Parks and Recreation' star Amy Poehler to gauge her interest in taking over from Stewart.

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According to someone with knowledge of the exchange, the network had been expecting Phoeler to say no and they received was ‘the quickest no in history’ from the SNL alum. Another big name that was asked was Chris Rock, who reportedly did consider signing on, however he only wanted to commit to the show for a year. In March Comedy Central announced Trevor Noah as Stewart’s replacement, with his tenure beginning on September 28, 2015.