Amy Schumer thinks she's a suitable poster-girl for women.

The 34-year-old comedian - who stars alongside Bill Hader in 'Trainwreck' - has admitted that although she never intended to become a role model for the feminist movement, she's happy to accept the responsibility.

She explained: ''I didn't set out to become a role model but I accept it and I'm thrilled about it and I think these women are in good hands because I know my intentions.

''I do think that I'm a good role model, believe it or not. I'm grateful for the opportunity.''

Meanwhile, Amy admitted her sister, TV producer Kimberly Schumer, is the funniest person she knows and that the pair share a similar sense of humour, having grown up in the same house.

She told Time Out London magazine: ''She's really funny. We live pretty honestly - to a fault. I think some people are relieved when we're out the room.

''Also, because we grew up in the same household, she just knows what noise to make or what face to make that will make me just die laugh.

''She totally inspires me and I really care what she thinks about me so part of me living in a way that I'm proud of is how I'm reflected in her eyes.''