Amy Schumer has called for a “public outcry” on gun violence, encouraging people who want to see an end to the kind of mass shootings that make it into national headlines to join the campaign she’s conducting with her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer.

The 34 year old comedian and actor initially launched the campaign back in August in the aftermath of the deadly shooting that occurred in Lafayette, Louisiana during a day-time screening of her recent movie Trainwreck. During a press conference on Sunday (October 25th) in New York City, she joined forces with her political relative once more to urge Americans to use all possible means to end gun violence, according to the Associated Press.

Senator Schumer said that he needs the support of 60 senators in order to pass a bill dealing with such legislation, and reckons that he has already secured roughly two-thirds of that number.

The comedian threw her support behind his campaign, writing next to a photo of the pair of them: “Please join me and @SenSchumer in ending gun violence and tweet the hashtag #aimingforchange RT we can do this.”

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Schumer posted an infographic on her Instagram page the same day giving a brief outline of the proposed legislation launched by her second cousin. The law would “close background check loopholes,” which will “stop allowing criminals to avoid background checks at gun shows and online.”

Other key points of the Senator’s plan include new rules to “make background checks better” and to “shut down the illegal gun pipeline.” The first change will also include bolstered prohibitions meang that people convicted of domestic abuse will be banned from purchasing guns altogether, and require complete background checks on absolutely every firearm sale. It will also make gun trafficking a federal crime.

Reaching out to her massive fanbase, Schumer continued: “#aimingforchange use this hashtag please write your congress people. We need a public outcry. There have been 100 shootings since Lafayette.”

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