The funnywoman was conducting an interview with KIIS 101.1's Matt Tilley and Jane Hill about the romantic comedy, in which she stars as a promiscuous, hard-drinking woman who falls for a sports surgeon, played by Bill Hader.

Schumer admitted part of her character is based on her real life, confessing, "There's a lot of me in this movie", prompting Tilley to make his ill-advised comment, asking, "Do you have the word skanky in America?".

Clearly offended, Schumer hit back and insulted his mother, suggesting he was thinking about her when he broached the subject.

He then responded, "Come on, that's the character in the movie. I'm not trying to offend you," but Schumer was not amused and scolded him, saying, "Whatever you are trying to do, you are (doing). That's a rude question."

Tilley's co-host tried to calm the tension between the two, but he later angered the comedienne again when he claimed the movie's plot boiled down to Schumer's character just trying to find a boyfriend.

She remarked, "I think you're wrong. I think the point is that she realises she's hurting herself and the people around her (with her destructive behaviour)."