Amy Ryan stars in a new family adventure entitled 'Monster Trucks', where she plays the mom of a high school-age truck enthusiast who one day discovers a huge yet adorable beast living inside his beloved vehicle. It is a seriously action-packed ride, but that doesn't mean it gets swamped by explosions and car chases.

Monster TrucksAmy Ryan stars opposite Lucas Till in 'Monster Trucks'

The actress knows that sometimes labelling something an action movie can make it seem generic and unappealing because it always conjures up the same images. Sometimes it's just not engaging; something that Amy likens to being like watching someone playing a video game.

'There are just odd moments, you wouldn't imagine being in such a situation, but the film does find those moments that stops amid the action, the full-throttle action, to have those moments of humour or humanity which I think sets it's apart', she musess about 'Monster Trucks'. 'You're just not going to be bored as if you're watching a video game. You can really invest in the characters and these creatures who are also a family.'

Watch the trailer for 'Monster Trucks' here:


Family is, indeed, one of the main themes to this exciting movie. Tripp Coley (Lucas Till) is our protagonist, and he spends most of his time at the scrapyard building his own monster truck. He doesn't get much time from his divorced folks; his father is very much about tough love, while his mother Cindy works double-shifts in order to make ends meet for herself and her son. Naturally, he gets into all kinds of trouble, but soon finds the familial sense that he's looking for with his strange new friend Creech.

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Amy Ryan recently made her second appearance in the New York comedy drama 'High Maintenance' and she has just completed filming on Angus MacLachlan's 'Abundant Acreage Available' co-starring Terry Kinney.

'Monster Trucks' is out in theatres now.