It’s good news for Amy Robach, who announced her pending return to Good Morning America after undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The GMA host discovered that she had the disease during what was supposed to be a routine mammogram for a segment on the show.

Amy Robach, Lesbian And Gay Journalists Gala
Congratulations to Robach for the (mostly) good news.

According to the LA Times, Robach sent an email to her ABC colleagues on Friday thanking them for the support and announcing that she is already on the mend. The account of her treatment included an unpleasant, but necessary procedure, as Robach announced that she had undergone a bilateral mastectomy. She wrote, "While in surgery last week my surgeon found a second, undetected malignant tumor. No MRI, no mammogram, no sonogram had found it. ... It was only through the mastectomy that she discovered it."

Amy Robach, NBC New Years Eve 2010
Robach was diagnosed just last month.

Robach was diagnosed in October and she shared the news in a difficult piece for ABC News. Unfortunately, the GMA host is not finished with her treatment. The spread of the cancer means that she still has to undergo additional courses of treatment, however the outlook is good.

"[M]y cancer had spread to my sentinel lymph node, but not beyond, so I will have more treatments ahead of me, but none that will take me out of work,” she explained in the email. She also said that her plan was to return to work as December 2.

"Physically and emotionally I have been through the ringer, but I am emerging on the other side so much stronger," Robach wrote.

Amy Robach
At present, her outlook is good and the journalist isn't wasting any time in getting back to work.