Earlier this month (Nov 11th) Amy Robach made the brave decision to announce her diagnosis of breast cancer live on 'Good Morning America'. The diagnosis only came about after Robach, who admitted to avoiding mammogram screening for quite some time, finally got tested live on air due to Breast Cancer Awareness month was this past October.

Amy Robach
Robach was diagnosed this past October

It is a good job she did! The results came back and discovered that the 40 year-old had a tumour in her breast.

Now, just a week after undergoing a double mastectomy, Robach has admitted her prognosis is good and plans to return to work on 2nd December.

The news correspondent wrote an email to her 'GMA' colleagues on Friday (Nov 22nd) and revealed that doctors found a second tumour midway through surgery.

The mother of five wrote, "I got very lucky finding the cancer through our ABC sponsored mammogram and I got lucky choosing an aggressive approach, bilateral mastectomy, because while in surgery last week my surgeon found a second, undetected malignant tumor."

Adding, "Physically and emotionally I have been through the ringer, but I am emerging on the other side so much stronger," Robach wrote. "I have a greater appreciation for life, for health and for how such simple acts of kindness can be so incredibly powerful. I am looking through a different lens now.and I am thankful for that as well. There was my life before October 30th and now my life after."

Robach also thanked the "outpouring of support" she received form her co-workers and viewers, she still has to undergo more treatment but hopefully her recovery will be speedy and safe.

Amy Robach
Doctors discovered a second tumor during Robach's surgery