Sisters star Amy Poehler joined Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show', Wednesday evening, for a revealing little game named ‘Truth or Truth’. During the game, Poehler hilariously revealed her biggest fear, as well as letting us hear what her real voice sounds like.

Amy PoehlerAmy Poehler joined Jimmy Fallon for a game of ‘Truth or Truth’ on Wednesday.

“Now, Amy, I consider you a very honest person,” Fallon told his guest. “We're both honest people. I want to know who's more honest...You're up first, Amsters. What's it going to be: truth or truth?” After pausing for effect, Poehler of course answered ‘truth’ and the game began.

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"What's your biggest fear?" Fallon asked. "Easy," Poehler replied. "Being mistaken for J. Lo. And then being asked to dance, and dancing better than J. Lo, and J. Lo being angry. I don't want J. Lo to be angry at me. That's my biggest fear.”

Then it was Poehler’s turn to ask a tough question,"Where is someplace you've never had sex?" she asked Fallon. "In my 20s," the host answered. Fallon then asked Poehler what her real voice sounds like and the comedienne began speaking in a fake foreign accent.

"What do you mean? Do you mean when I am speaking my native tongue? Do you mean when I speak to my relatives, or my people I love?" she asked. Fallon then remarked that Poehler sounded a little like Sofia Vergara, causing the actress to spit and say, "We're very different.”

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For his final question Fallon asked, "What's your Gmail password?” To which Poehler replied: “Pizza Hut monkey butt dot or-gy.” Poehler is currently preparing for the release of comedy Sisters, in which she stars opposite BBF Tina Fey. In the film the pair play two very opposite siblings who throw one last party at their family home.

Watch Amy Poehler play ‘Truth or Truth’ with Jimmy Fallon here: