The stars of NBC comedy 'Parks And Recreation' look to have been having a hoot after getting the chance to leave their fictional sleepy Indiana town of Pawnee in lieu of a trip to politics capital Washington DC. The show's stars Amy Poehler and Adam Scott were in DC to shoot scenes for the popular show's fifth season, with Poehler's character elected to the city council in Pawnee at the end of the last season and Scott's moving to Washington to join the staff of a congressman.

The move has allowed Nbc to introduce some real-life political big hitters to the show in cameo roles including former Presidential candidate John McCain - now senator of Arizona - as well as fellow senators BARBARA BOXER of California and OLYMPIA J. SNOWE of Maine. The New York Times reported that the trio were in the city's Hay-Adams Hotel shooting a cocktail party scene with the regular cast.

Indeed it sounds like it's been a fun shoot all round for the show, with Poehler and Scott getting up to all manner of public spectacles including, as The Washington Post reports, making out at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History just a few feet from the famous Southern Railway 1401 steam locomotive and laying belly down on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to pick up discarded gum. Their antics didn't go unnoticed, with many surprised members of the public hastily grabbing any footage they could on their phones, not that the main protagonists seemed to care, such is the open nature of the comedy itself.