Amy Poehler wants to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Captain Marvel's "bossy sister".

The 49-year-old actress revealed she wants to play the responsible sibling to Brie Larson's superhero and believes there is more space in superhero movies for "helpers" who perform tasks such as "turning on the lasers".

Speaking on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers', Amy said: "I do feel like there's a lot of room in the Marvel Universe for people who could be the helpers.

"I feel like I could be Brie Larson's bossy sister who's not in the biz ... I feel like there could be somebody who's turning on the lasers. Because you never see that. You never see who's turning things on and off, who's closing up the headquarters at night."

Amy directs and star in the new film 'Moxie' and explained how she wanted to honour "funny, complex and interesting" mothers in the comedy drama by creating a character with depth.

The 'Sisters' star – who plays mum Lisa Carter in the movie – explained: "I can't speak for all parents or all kids. I do think that what was fun about playing this character is that I think mothers in general in films get a little flattened out.

"The mothers I know are really funny, complex, interesting characters with really rich, full lives.

"So, that was really fun, to dig a little bit deeper on a character like Lisa and try to represent her as a woman with needs and wants and expectations for herself and her daughter."

Amy has previously worked behind the camera on 'Wine Country' and explained how she wants to helm a range of films.

She said: "I like the journey of not limiting myself as to what to make next. And I really like to try new things and it feels very organic."