Amy Pascal had conceded that she was "fired" from Sony after the debilitating cyber-attack on the company that saw the leak of numerous high profile movies and, more damagingly, email conversations between Pascal and numerous individuals connected with the company.

Amy PascalAmy Pascal says she was "fired" by Sony

Pascal, who is setting up her own production company, spoke for the first time about her departure from Sony during an interview with journalist Tina Brown at the Women in the World conference in San Francisco on Wednesday (February 11).

"All the women here are doing incredible things in this world - all I did was get fired," Pascal said.

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Brown asked Pascal how she felt when first realizing her emails would be made public.

"I ran this company, and I had to worry about everybody who was really scared . People were really scared . But nagging in the back of my mind, I kept calling [IT] and being like, 'They don't have our emails, tell me they don't have our emails,' " she said. "But then they did. That was a bad moment. And you know what you write in emails."

Leaked conversations included an exchange between Pascal and the Hollywood producer Scott Rudin about President Obama's apparent taste in movies (12 Years a Slave, Django, etc), as well as a fiery to-and-fro over Angelina Jolie's apparent attempts to steal David Fincher away from Sony's Steve Jobs movie.

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"Everybody understood because we all live in this weird thing called Hollywood," Pascal said, explaining herself. "If we all actually were nice, it wouldn't work."

"People found reasons that going through my trash and printing it was an OK thing to do.They found a way to justify that. And they have to live with that."