Scottish singer Amy Macdonald was so moved by the rescue of 33 trapped Chilean miners this week (beg11Oct10), she started work on a song inspired by their plight.
The This Is The Life hitmaker spent a marathon 24 hours in front of her TV set as she watched the miners' dramatic rescue after they spent two months buried underground following a tunnel collapse.
MACdonald reveals the footage moved her to tears and inspired her to write a new track.
She says, "I watched the whole thing all the way through, from start to finish. I just found it so moving. I cried 33 times, once for each one as they came out.
"It was so inspiring for me. I have half-written a little song based on their plight. It is just a verse and a chorus so far... It was so moving, seeing them being reunited with their families. What they went though was unimaginable but it was such a nice, happy ending."
But MACdonald doubts she will ever release the song, fearing she would be accused of trying to profit from their story.
She adds: "I think a lot of people are very cynical, so if I was to put that song out, even as a charity record or something, people would think I was using their situation to cash in."