Amy Macdonald admits video games have been a saviour for lockdown.

The 'This Is the Life' singer says her husband Richard Foster's love of 'Call Of Duty' has been great for her over the last 12 months or so as it has allowed her to have some "me time".

She said: "He has his sofa and TV set up in the kitchen and that is his little Call Of Duty spot. He's playing in the middle of the day! I know a lot of people would get annoyed by it but I actually love it as I get all this time by myself, I can watch whatever I want and it feels like I just get 'me' time."

However, Amy feels modern day generations' obsession with technology means childhood has been changed forever, with kids more likely to be inside on their phones than out playing with their friends.

Speaking about her own childhood, she added: "The street where I live there's never any kids playing outside and that's the opposite to what my memories are, where you'd come out and you'd know who's garden your mates were playing in as there were about 10 bikes outside."

And the 33-year-old singer and musician feels the landscape of music has changed a lot since her younger years too, and the way people listen to music is different now.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column, she said: "The way people listen to music now is by picking one song at a time. It's probably quite rare for anyone to listen to an album from start to finish, but for me, that's the most exciting thing when my favourite artist or band brings out a new record. Artists like myself need to keep pushing on promoting the importance of the album because it's such a historical part of music."