Motor-mad Scottish singer Amy Macdonald has ticked a major item off her bucket list after appearing on cult British driving show Top Gear.

MACdonald indulged her passion for racing by taking part in the Bbc Tv programme's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment, in which celebrities drive around a racetrack.

She got behind the wheel of a hatchback car to complete the course earlier this month (Feb13) and crossed the finish line with a respectable lap-time of one minute and 44 seconds - just shy of Tom Cruise's record.

However, the 25-year-old star was left squirming on the series when presenter Jeremy Clarkson showed a clip of her cursing and skidding out of control during a test run.

The host told her, "You know when you spin off and you think the cameras weren't filming you? They were!"

A grinning MACdonald replied, "It was great fun. I had a good laugh! (I drove) right over all them (sic) lights. I think I wasn't paying attention at that point and I suddenly went right off, but I went off with style."

As a parting gift, the This Is the Life hitmaker was presented with a broken landing light she mowed down.