Review of A Curious Thing Album by Amy Macdonald

The Scottish singer songwriter is still only young, but after instant success a couple of years ago, her second album has certain expectations. Add to this the fact that Paul Weller provided the studio, and contributed to some tracks, and you have a bit of hype.

Amy Macdonald A Curious Thing Album

A Curious Thing definitely shows through as a bolder album with a bit more of a daring edge to it. You can see the progress and confidence acquired from touring. Amy MacDonald is clearly a talented and creative artist, and as there has been no auto tuning on her voice throughout the album, this only emphasises the point.

A mix of acoustic and full band reflects her musical talent as each track adapts and flows. Whilst vocals are strong, they lend themselves well to soft rock, but the addition of a bolder backing band with this album takes the music further. There could be the temptation for slow ballads, the whole album is fast paced and uplifting.

'Love Love' and 'This Pretty Face' stand out as catchy tracks with a sing a long factor, but each track would be amazing to see live. There is clear passion and spirit within the writing as well as performing.

The unexpected live lounge style cover of 'Dancing In The Dark' hidden at the end of the album completes what is a satisfying and enjoyable musical experience.

Laura Johnstone


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