Rocker Amy Lee has dealt former boyfriend Shaun Morgan another blow - she has stolen his guitarist for her band Evanescence.
Troy MCLawhorn quit Morgan's group Seether earlier this year (11) due to "personal friction" with a bandmate, and now he has rejoined Lee and Evanescence - the band he left to join Seether in 2008.
Announcing the news on his page, he writes, "I'm really happy to be back again and can't wait for everyone to hear the new music."
And Lee took to to confirm the reunion: "I'm proud to announce that Troy MCLawhorn is back in Ev! Album is sounding awesome! We love you Troy! Welcome back."
The news came as a surprise to Morgan, who wrote on Twitter, "Interesting news about our old guitarist. Can anyone guess? No, he's not coming back. He went to another band. Little anti-Shaun club. Any more guesses...? So, good f**king luck to Amy Lee and Troy."
Lee and Morgan had a very messy and public break-up in 2005 after dating for two years.