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13th November 2015

Quote: "I love Katy Perry, but you never know what will happen. She has a whole big schedule." Clueless writer/director Amy Heckerling still wants Katy Perry to play Cher Horowitz in the upcoming musical version of her cult 1995 film. Alicia Silverstone played the fashion-conscious Beverly Hills princess in the movie.

17th March 2010

Fact: CLUELESS director Amy Heckerling is teaming up with the film's star Alicia Silverstone for a new vampire movie. VAMPS will tell the tale of trendy young bloodsuckers in New York. Sigourney Weaver has also signed up to play the Queen of the vampires.

12th February 2010

Fact: Alicia Silverstone is teaming up with her CLUELESS director Amy Heckerling for a new vampire love story. The star and actress Krysten Ritter will appear as modern vampires who fight over a mortal man.

23rd December 2009

Quote: "She was sweet and playful and fun, and a very lovable girl... I'm so sorry for her family, and her mother, who she was so close to. I just can't imagine what she's going through." CLUELESS director Amy Heckerling on the passing of actress Brittany Murphy, who shot to fame with her role in the 1995 teen movie.

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