'Clueless' is set to be adapted into a musical.

The 1995 iconic cult teen movie - which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next month - is being brought to the Broadway stage by the director of the original movie, Amy Heckerling and Kristin Hanggi, who directed 'Rock of Ages' and 'Jersey Boys'.

Amy said: ''I've written the, what they call the book and it's a jukebox musical. As for casting, well that's, like, going to be, like, the main problem.''

Amy went on to talk about how she's found writing the musical a much longer process than creating the film, which starred Alicia Silverstone in the lead role of Cher Horowitz alongside Paul Rudd and the late Brittany Murphy.

Speaking to ET magazine, the 61-year-old film director said: ''Everything goes so slowly. I go, wow, this takes a lot. I thought movies took a long time. It's hard to know with Broadway when things will happen.''

Classed as a jukebox musical, 'Clueless' will feature the already-known songs that were featured in the film - including Jill Sobule's 'Supermodel', Coolio's 'Rollin' With the Homies' and No Doubt's 'Just a Girl' - rather than an original score.

Other films that have previously been turned into musicals are 'Legally Blonde', and, more recently, 'Bend It Like Beckham'.