Rylan Clark of X-Factor fame could barely count his detractors on scientific calculator, but he can tot up his supporters on his right hand. One of those supporters happens to be one of the most prominent voices in the U.K today: Amy Childs, Entertainmentwise reports. 

"I got on with him from day one, I had loads in common with him. He loves to chat and rings me up for advice," Amy told Digital Spy. "He's not the best singer, he knows this, but he's got The X Factor. He's got banter, he's got the fun element and that's what X Factor needs," the glamour model continued. "There are people in there who have got amazing voices." Amy said that Rylan's critics "take it very seriously," and believes that they should "chill out and think". She thinks that The X Factor would be a bit dull without Rylan. "I wait for Rylan thinking, 'Oh my God, what song's he going to do?' I probably speak for quite a few people here."

Rylan's inexplicable presence on The X-Factor represents a scathing indictment of the talent on show today, and has lead to him receiving myriad insults online, but according to Amy, Rylan's "loving his life and he's making the most of what he's doing." Yeah.