Amy Childs has slammed the show that made her famous, branding The Only Way is Essex as "so bitchy," saying that its lost the light-hearted edge that once made it so popular. Childs starred in the first two series of the show, from 2010-11 and can probably be credited with bringing the word "vajazzle" to the nation's collective consciousness.
She left the show last year though and launched her own reality show, It's All About Amy, which followed Amy and her friends as she carried out her business ventures (she's a qualified beauty therapist) and latterly, she's moved into the world of modelling. It's All About Amy was only commissioned for one series, whereas Towie shows no signs of slowing, with a new series currently being aired. Childs revealed to New Magazine's readers (she writes a column for the magazine) that she thinks it's a shame the show has become "too serious" and admitted that she thinks it's a shame that former friends Jess Wright and Lauren Goodger have fallen out on the show. "The way they are editing it makes it so bitchy and it's lost all its comedy," said Amy, though she remains hopeful that they can patch up their differences.