Amy Childs wants to be more ''natural''.

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star says her days of wearing ''caked'' on make-up and being overtly glamorous are behind her and she'll be sporting a more toned down look now that she's out of the reality TV spotlight.

Amy told BANG Showbiz: ''When I did 'TOWIE' we were so new to it and we were so caked in make-up. The more TV the more make-up. And no, it isn't better.

''I think now it's about being a bit more natural and I love being glam but still, you do it in a different way, and I love all the contouring now.

''I'm very OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) with my skin. My top tip, always take your make-up off.''

Meanwhile, Amy - who has her own beauty and tanning range and has released a clothing line in high street store Dorothy Perkins - has booked herself into the front row of London Fashion Week which runs from September 18 to 22.

Speaking at the National Lottery Stars in London Studios on Friday (11.09.15), she said: ''I go there and look at all the new trends. For me I have to look at what's going on. It's about having quite a good eye and I look and think, 'How can I make it into an Amy Childs dress?' And it's taken me a while to be able to do that.''

And the 25-year-old budding entrepreneur is taking time out of TV to concentrate on her business.

She added: ''Do you know what? I've took myself out of TV for a little while now, because for me, it's all about the business side of things and I've become a proper business woman.

''The fashion range is amazing, I love fashion and looking good. I love designing my dresses so I'm very passionate about it.''