The 'Enchanted' sequel will reportedly be called 'Disenchanted'.

Disney's follow-up to the 2007 movie starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey is believed to be moving forward with 'The Proposal' director Anne Fletcher helming the project, Collider reports.

It has not yet clear which cast members will return, although Amy - who led a star-studded ensemble of actors including James Marsden, Patrick Dempsey, and Susan Sarandon - has previously been less than enthusiastic about making a second movie.

The Oscar-winning actress, who played Gisele, a naive princess banished to modern-day New York by the evil Queen Narissa (Sarandon), admitted she thinks it is a perfect standalone movie.

She previously said: ''It's a perfect standalone movie. It has a great beginning, a great middle, and a great end. I watched it recently, because I typically don't watch my work a lot, and I thought, I really like that movie. It was nice to revisit that work and have really positive feelings about it. But I think it works so well.''

However, James Marsden, who played Prince Edward, has spoken of his desire for a sequel.

He said: ''We all hoped it would happen.I don't understand why they never did it. It was a very successful movie...But at some point when the gray hairs start coming, you can't really play the quintessential animated prince anymore.''