Amy Adams is scared of flying.

The 40-year-old actress suffers from the common phobia as well as claustrophobia - a fear of enclosed spaces - and admits her plane terror does cause a problem for her because of the amount of travelling she has to do for her job.

Amy copes with her flying fear by using ''meditation and ''self-hypnosis'' and admits her four-year-old daughter Aviana has inspired her to control her emotions.

In an interview with the new issue of Germany's Glamour magazine, she said: ''I'm afraid of flying, I also have claustrophobia and a social phobia. None of this has been diagnosed, but I recognise the symptoms as they affect me. Meditation and self-hypnosis help, and if I, for example, fly with my daughter, I will not let on.''

Amy also revealed she only needs to talk to her daughter - her child with her artist fiancé Darren Le Gallo - for a few minutes to de-stress from work.

When asked how she gives herself a confidence boost when her career gets tough, she said: ''I call my daughter. It's great not to have a serious conversation with her as Aviana is just four years old. Just to chat with her and listen to her voice. Sometimes I even just need a picture of her. Everything modifies itself and reminds me of what is really important in life.''

The 'Big Eyes' star had major doubts she would make it as an actress when she started out in Hollywood but ultimately believes her fear of failure drove her on to success.

She said: ''When I started out in Hollywood there were times when I had doubts ... It was only because a lack of alternatives that I stayed with acting. I wondered considered going back to school or moving to New York and then learn dance and try my luck in musicals, but I just wasn't sure. It was this uncertainty that ultimately kept me (in acting).''