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Justice League Teaser Trailer

In the wake of his friend Clark Kent's monumental sacrifice, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince are determined to recruit the most powerful superheroes on the planet to help them fight a new menace that Lex Luthor predicted was coming to the Earth. They are the intrepid Arthur Curry or Aquaman, king of the sea; the young but lightning-fast Barry Allen, also known as The Flash; and the half-man half-machine known as Victor Stone or Cyborg. Together they must fight an army of parademons that have descended upon them, apparently in search of the Mother Box that transformed Victor Stone into the biomechanical creature he is. They are serving the villainous extra-terrestrial Steppenwolf, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants and take over the world. But as you can probably work out, these heroes have an advantage in that Superman is far from dead as they initially suspected.

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ABC Digital Apologises For Wrongly Listing Amy Adams And Tom Hanks As Oscar Nominees

Amy Adams

ABC Digital has issued an apology after the agency accidentally listed both Amy Adams and Tom Hanks as nominees for the Academy Awards on its official website earlier this week.

“We apologize to the Academy, press and fans for any confusion,” the company said in a statement. “This morning, in an attempt to release breaking news as announced, ABC Digital briefly posted inaccurate nomination information on the website. The nominees announced by the Academy on Twitter were accurate. ABC quickly identified and corrected the errors. We apologize to the Academy, press and fans for any confusion.”

However, sources say that Adams didn’t even notice this mistake, only finding out whether she was nominated or not for her smash hit movie Arrival after the mistake had been corrected.

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Andrew Garfield Laments "Compromised" Spider-Man Movies

Andrew Garfield Amy Adams

Although they were the movies that made him a household name at the start of the decade, Hollywood star Andrew Garfield has hit out at The Amazing Spider-Man movies for being “corporate” and “compromised”.

In a new video interview with fellow star Amy Adams for Variety, the 33 year old actor expressed his “heartbreak” about being involved with the movies. Garfield was, of course, singled out and dropped from the franchise after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 bombed in 2014, with the planned sequels being folded into the wider Marvel cinematic universe.

Andrew GarfieldAndrew Garfield with 'Hacksaw Ridge' co-star Teresa Palmer in 2016

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Amy Adams Liked Dressing Down For Arrival

Amy Adams

Arrival is a smart, provocative science-fiction drama, and director Denis Villeneuve (Sicario) says it was a challenge to cast the lead role. "I needed an actress with a real wide range," he says, "and a lot of intelligence to her eyes." On reading the script, Amy Adams was hooked. "The first five minutes of something usually makes me decide whether or not I'm going to like a script, and this one begged me to keep going," she says. "When I got to the end of it, I had to go back and read it again. It's about the way we communicate with each other, the relationships that we have, the way we move through the world."

Amy Adams in the new film Arrival

Adams tends to play complex women, and she says it's tricky finding characters as sharp as Arrival's Dr Louise Banks. "I think sometimes females are written as if they're smart," she says, "but then not given anything smart to do or say. So the fact that she gets to be smart, not just act smart, is awesome."

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Arrival Review


This sci-fi drama has an enjoyably brain-bending plot that leaves the audience almost stunned with the weight of its themes. It may be fiction, but the film's exploration of the power of language raises fascinating ideas about the human mind. It's also produced to an extremely high standard, with striking effects and sumptuous cinematography and editing. And as played by Amy Adams, the movie also carries a surprising emotional kick.

Adams plays linguistics expert Louise, who is asked by the American government to help decode the language of aliens who occupy gigantic monolithic ships that appear suddenly, floating over various locations around the globe. So she heads to the American site in Montana and begins working with scientist Ian (Jeremy Renner) under the watchful eye of Colonel Weber (Forrest Whitaker). And of course she's taken aback by these seven-legged creatures who communicate with odd tones and swirling symbols. When coordinated efforts with other teams around the world begin to descend into mistrust, everyone stops sharing their data, and the military leaders decide to take matters into their own hands and destroy the ships. But Louise begins to believe she is onto something important, and she tenaciously pursues a course of action that terrifies everyone, including her.

Expertly directed by Denis Villeneuve (Sicario), the film never lapses into sensationalistic action, and it's even more gripping as a result. Several scenes generate goosebumps for their inventive visual flourishes, including the surprising gravitational twists and the face-to-face interaction with two freaky but oddly endearing aliens Louise and Ian name Abbott and Costello. Special effects are seamless, grounding everything that happens as something eerily believable. But the emphasis is on the emotional drama surging within Louise, and the huge implications it has for the entire world.

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Amy Adams Needed To Learn Poise For Nocturnal Animals

Amy Adams Tom Ford

First up (in the UK) is Nocturnal Animals, designer-turned-filmmaker Tom Ford's three-sided drama about a woman facing the fall-out from a failed relationship. Ford remembers the moment he decided he wanted to work with Adams. "I think American Hustle was the first time a lot of us realised how beautiful she was," he says. "God, how beautiful her breasts are! It was a surprise. It was like, wow! As a gay fashion designer and not a lecherous straight man, I can say that."

Amy Adams in Nocturnal Animals

For her part, Adams was impressed with how Ford planned to tell such a complicated story. "It seemed nearly impossible," says the 42-year-old actress. "And that became very attractive to me. Tom explained in such a beautiful way how he would use music, sound and light to pull us in and out of story and time and space. I'm a great fan of his work. He's been successful in so many domains - perfumes, clothes, movies. He's always so impeccably elegant, so perfect, and that always makes me feel a little unkempt next to him! But really he doesn't care at all."

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Amy Adams Says Women Will Get Paid More In Hollywood When Society's View Changes

Amy Adams

Amy Adams has addressed the gender wage gap in Hollywood, arguing that women in the film industry will be paid more if the view of them in wider society changes.

Ever since Jennifer Lawrence’s much-discussed essay she published via Lena Dunham’s ‘Lenny’ newsletter over a year ago, the disparity in pay between leading male and female actors has been a hot-button issue in the industry and the media.

Amy AdamsAmy Adams addressed the Hollywood gender wage gap in a new interview

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Michelle Williams 'In Talks' For Janis Joplin Biopic

Michelle Williams Janis Joplin Amy Adams

Michelle Williams is reportedly in talks to star in the long-awaited biopic of 60s icon Janis Joplin.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film will be directed by Sean Durkin who helmed Martha Marcy May Marlene and Williams is in early negotiations for the role.

Michelle WilliamsMichelle Williams is reportedly in early negotiations to play Janis Joplin

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Baftas 2014: 'Gravity' Pulls In The Nominations While Chiwetel Ejiofor Stands A Great Chance

Sandra Bullock Chiwetel Ejiofor Tom Hanks Leonardo Dicaprio Martin Scorsese Emma Thompson Judi Dench Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper David O Russell Steve McQueen Amy Adams Bruce Dern Cate Blanchett Woody Allen Julia Roberts Oprah Winfrey Christian Bale Sally Hawkins Paul Greengrass

The Bafta nominations didn’t really throw up any surprises, with many of the year’s top actors, directors and films being recognised. The constant metronome of: ‘Gravity,’ ’12 Years a Slave’ and ‘American Hustle’ still chimes away; the Oscar favourites are set to do battle.

GravityGravity is leading the way with 11 Bafta nominations

So 'Gravity' leads the way with 11 nominations; it’ll go up against '12 Years a Slave' in the Best Film Category as well as 'American Hustle', 'Captain Phillips' and 'Philomena', a film the Alfonso Cuaron space thriller must also beat to win Outstanding British Film gong. 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom', 'Rush', 'Saving Mr. Banks' and 'The Selfish Giant' make up that category.

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Joaquin Phoenix And Amy Adams - Her Video Interview

Video Interview with Joaquin Phoenix And Amy Adams

Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams talk about 'Her'; the new sci-fi romance film by Spike Jonze in which they star; in a press junket interview.

'On a script that was so unique and full of these big ideas and this wonderful heart and accessible emotion... why wouldn't you do this movie?' Joaquin says on being asked what drew him into the script. The two actors' characters are good friends in the movie who share a similar need for emotional comfort. 'We have in common that we're both at an emotional crossroads and looking to do things differently', Amy explains. 'The great thing about Spike is that nothing's ever done in a real obvious way; it's through conversation and through details and you learn through the brilliant dialogue that he writes where these characters are.'

Click Here To Watch Her - Trailer

Her - Clips

Theodore Twombley is a reserved man going through the hardest time of his life with his divorce from his childhood sweetheart Catherine. One day, he decides to buy a new kind of OS that has an artificial intelligence that can evolve into having almost human like feelings. He chooses a female identity for his OS and thus meets the disembodied Samantha who offers him company with her witty and insightful remarks and frequent flattery. When he finds out his friend Amy has also made a friend out of her estranged husband's OS, he begins to feel that his feelings towards Samantha may not be so strange at all and allows himself to fall deeply in love with her. However, as much as they have managed to bond, he starts to worry about the consequences of limitations of their relationship and begins to wonder just how genuine their relationship really is.

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10 Best Films Of 2013

Chiwetel Ejiofor Steve McQueen Matt Damon Rob Lowe Michael Douglas Sarah Polley Lake Bell Paul Greengrass Tom Hanks Ryan Coogler Michael B. Jordan Octavia Spencer James McAvoy Christian Bale Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence Amy Adams


10. Behind The Candelabra - Sadly consigned to TV in America, this Liberace biopic's lavish production design deserves to be projected on the biggest screen possible. As do great performances from Michael Douglas, Matt Damon and a hilarious Rob Lowe.
Read our 'Behind The Candelabra' Review
Watch 'Behind The Candelabra' Trailer


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The Women In 'American Hustle': Lawrence Is Brilliant While Adams Is Reinvented

Amy Adams Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Christian Bale

In Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams, Hollywood has two confident, assertive, talented and self-aware women, more than poised to fight the fight against the patriarchy that is 2013’s film industry.

And while their roles in American Hustle can’t be described as dominant, neither are they submissive and meek. Lawrence plays a housewife – an odd sentence to follow up an opening paragraph that hints at forward thinking and equality – but that she does.

Watch the trailer for American Hustle

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Jennifer Lawrence Delivers Oscar-worthy Performance In 'American Hustle'

Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Christian Bale Amy Adams

Jennifer Lawrence is winning all the plaudits for her latest movie, David O'Russell's comedy-drama American Hustle. The film itself is a star-studded 1970s set epic and the critics universally agree that it will be amongst those vying for the major awards in early 2014.

American HustleJennifer Lawrence [R] Turns In Another Oscar-worthy Performance in 'American Hustle'

It follows the story of a brilliant con man named Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) who, along with partner Sydney (Amy Adams) is forced to work for an FBI agent (Bradley Cooper) who pushes them into the dangerous world of Jersey mafiosi. The operation becomes more wide-reaching and Irving's wife (Lawrence) threatens to derail the entire thing. 

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Joaquin Phoenix To Play Lex Luthor In Batman Vs. Superman?

Joaquin Phoenix Henry Cavill Ben Affleck Amy Adams Gal Gadot

Joaquin Phoenix could be the next actor to be announced for the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie, scheduled for 2015. The movie will see Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman go head-to-head for the first time on film. If the rumour is confirmed, Phoenix will join Cavill and Affleck as well as Amy Adams' Lois Lane and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman.

Joaquin Phoenix
Could Joaquin Phoenix Play Lex Luthor?

Fans of the 39 year-old Walk The Line actor won't be used to seeing Phoenix star in such big-name, huge budget action blockbusters which means the Batman Vs. Superman movie will be an intriguing change of role for the reclusive star. According to sources speaking to Variety, Phoenix is being linked to the movie as the film's antagonist, probably Lex Luthor.

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Video - Amy Adams Dazzles On The Red Carpet At 'American Hustle' NY Premiere - Part 2

'American Hustle' stars Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams are greeted with much zeal by photographers on their arrivals at the New York premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater. Jeremy can be seen having has a highly animated conversation with someone standing amongst the paparazzi, while brings her fiancé, 'Date Night' actor Darren Le Gallo, to the event.

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Amy Adams Discusses On Screen Kiss With Co-Star Jennifer Lawrence: "She Does A Great Job"

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is a member of the ensemble cast that stars in the upcoming crime thriller 'American Hustle'.

The plot follows a 1970s con artist, Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), and his British lover, Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), as they are forced to work with FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper).

DiMaso orders them into the dangerous and attractive world of the Mafia and money to go with it.

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American Hustle Is Ready For The Oscars With Precursors Sewn Up

Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Christian Bale Amy Adams Jeremy Renner David O Russell

A late entry to the 2013 awards race, David O. Russell's American Hustle is emerging as a force to reckon with. The film reunites Russell with Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence, who both won Oscars working with him in the past.

Check out the trailer for American Hustle

Hustle completes a remarkable trilogy for O Russell, a man who came to the party late and didn’t fight his feet right away.

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American Hustle Fashion A Mixture Of 70s Playboy And Vintage Gucci

Amy Adams Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Christian Bale

American Hustle may have received lashings of praise for its dark humour, gripping premise and whip-cracking plot but none of that would have mattered had the seventies era scene not been set so perfectly with a mixture of big bouffants, gargantuan glasses and skimpy stylings.

American Hustle
The American Hustle gang look imperiously 70s in their getup

Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale each give storming performances in a movie that has already brought excited Oscars chatter but it must be said: the fashion is hilariously and unapologetically 70s bad-taste.

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American Hustle Review


David O. Russell deploys his deranged genius to explore the real events behind Abscam, cleverly focussing on the inter-relationships rather than the details of the elaborate sting operation. So under the wild 1970s hair and costumes, we have a series of characters who are never very likeable but are still hugely engaging. Which makes this one of the most prickly, exhilarating movies of the year.

As the opening caption says, "Some of this actually happened". It's set in 1978 New York, where lowlife conman Irving (Bale) is making a decent living with his girlfriend Sydney (Adams). Although his wife Rosalyn (Lawrence) knows something is up. Things get even more complicated when Irving and Sydney are cornered by FBI agent Richie (Cooper) and forced to co-operate in a complex scam to entrap mobsters and dirty politicians, including the likeable Mayor Polito (Renner), with whom Irving strikes up a friendship. As things develop, the sting continually threatens to spin crazily out of control. And Irving starts to worry that Sydney is getting far too close to Richie.

Intriguingly, even as the story gets more and more insane, Russell keeps the story grounded in the characters and the way they interact with each other. So their shifting relationships, power struggles and internal jealousies take centre stage, blurring the details of the undercover operation into the background. This may annoy viewers who want clear insight into Abscam, but it makes the movie much more involving. And it gives the actors a lot to work with. Each of them delivers a powerhouse performance that blends the character's distinct physicality with a complex inner life.

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American Hustle: Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Adams Reveal Costume Challenges & Near Nip-Slips [Trailer]

Amy Adams Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Christian Bale

American Hustle, the latest movie from Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell, is quickly picking up speed before its big release this weekend with scores of gleaming reviews, a dazzling trailer, an enthralling promise and an inviting 1970s dresscode.

American Hustle
They May Look Comfortable & Carefree But 'American Hustle' Posed A Costume Challenge.

The movie follows Christian Bale's heavy and resentful Irv Rosenfeld, one of the most talented con artists in the world married to single mother Rosalyn Rosenfeld, played with emotional sincerity by Jennifer Lawrence. However, Irv is passionately in love with his mistress and business partner, Sydney Prosser, who is played by the ever brilliant and seductive Amy Adams.

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'American Hustle' Cements Its Oscars Nomination With Critical Praise And NY Win

Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Christian Bale Amy Adams Jeremy Renner

We’re going to stick our necks out and say American Hustle is guaranteed an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. And we’re not sticking it out very far; David O Russell’s stylish thriller/dark comedy completes a trio of ‘comeback’ films, starting with The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook.

American Hustle CastAmy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence are a motley crew in American Hustle

‘Hustle's’ New York Critics Circle award for Best Film saw its odds shorten dramatically for The Oscars – it’s now second favourite only to 12 Years a Slave, which has been considered a frontrunner ever since it was announced. And now that the film’s reviews have been filed, its chances look even better. The critics have waxed lyrical in their respective outlets, culminating in a 95% rating on review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes.

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Does 'American Hustle's' New York Win Mean Anything? Past Winners Examined

Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Christian Bale Amy Adams David O Russell

The reviews haven’t been filed yet, but American Hustle is already shaping up to be one of 2013’s best films. But who didn’t see that coming? David O Russell working with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and Christian Bale once again – the only thing ready to take this film down was it’s own pressure.

Christian Bale and Bradley CooperChristian Bale and Bradley Cooper in American Hustle

By now, the size of the Oscars gang has all but taken shape; Gravity, Captain Phillips, Blue Jasmine, 12 Years a Slave, Saving Mr. Banks and The Wolf of Wall Street are all in line for nominations, and following American Hustle’s win in the New York Film Critics Circle, its addition to the list is inevitable.

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Waiting For 'American Hustle'? Check Out These New Clips

Jennifer Lawrence David O Russell Bradley Cooper Christian Bale Amy Adams Jeremy Renner

We’re edging ever closer to David O Russell’s follow up to the much-celebrated Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, but it’s not quite here yet. In fact, it’s over two weeks until the US get hold of it, while the UK have to stay patient until January 3rd, 2014. So in the meantime, here are some cool clips from the movie.

American Hustle castAmy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle

American Hustle sees O Russell combine with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence again, but the reunification story doesn’t stop there: Christian Bale and Amy Adams also return to work with the director, after their success on The Fighter, which also starred Mark Wahlberg, a sequel for which is in the works.

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American Hustle - Clips

Irving Rosenfeld is a conman whose impressively deft criminal exploits have eluded authorities for years. However, when he finds himself forced to use his talents for good as he is roped into an FBI sting operation led by the unhinged agent Richie DiMasom, he finds his life of partying, drinking and squandering money under massive threat. He must use his fraudulent cunning to reveal the seriously corrupt crusades of Carmine Polito, the Mayor of Camden, New Jersey, whose power cast spreads much further than his constituency. Irving is helped by the seductive but dangerous Sydney Prosser who soon becomes less of a business partner and more of a mistress. As their relationship deepens, however, they arouse the suspicions of Irving's gregarious but unbalanced wife Rosalyn who threatens their whole operation with her lethal jealousy and deadly rage.

'American Hustle' is a high-stakes gangster thriller directed and co-written by the Oscar nominated David O. Russell ('Silver Linings Playbook', 'I Heart Huckabees', 'Three Kings') alongside writer Eric Singer ('The International'). Featuring a talented award-winning cast (some of whom O'Russell has previously worked with with much success), the flick is set to hit the big screen on December 18th 2013 in the US.

American Hustle Movie Review - Click Here To Read

American Hustle - International Trailer

Whilst running a con, being anonymous is very important. Keeping past operations secret and your personal life out of reach from potential targets is just as important as running the actual hustle. For years Irving Rosenfeld has been a con at the top of his game, evading arrest by the police and capture by past marks but all that could quite easily change when he and his business partner, Sydney Prosser, are recruited by an unruly FBI officer Richie DiMaso. 

The target Rosenfeld has to hit is one even cons wouldn't usually mess with, an elected mayor the FBI believe to be dirty. Mafia connections and lots of Laundered money are the least of Rosenfeld worries, when his wife might just become an accidental chink in their armour. 

Set in the 1970's the films screenplay was written by Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell and is loosely based on a real sting operation named Abscam which lead to the arrest and conviction of a number of elected officials. 

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Her Trailer

Theodore Twombley wasn't exactly having the best time in his life. He never socialised, seldom spoke to his family and he had just been through a distressing marriage separation. That was, until, he met Samantha; a computer operating system designed to fit his every need. With a voice more human than you could imagine from a machine and a witty, caring but slightly nosey personality, Theodore becomes more and more attached to her. However, soon the distinction between man and machine becomes evident when he begins to fall deeply in love with her, despite the fact that she knows little about how human relationships work. With her gradually reciprocating love, Theodore gets caught in a crisis when he is forced to come to terms with the fact that the only person he wants to spend the rest of his life with isn't even a physical entity.

This romantic sci-fi tells the heart-breaking but troubling story of the relationship between human beings and their beloved machines. With a thoroughly talented cast, it has been directed and written by Spike Jonze ('Where the Wild Things Are', 'Being John Malkovich', 'Adaptation.') and it set to feature in cinemas in the US on November 20th 2013.

Click here to read - Her Movie Review

Is Bradley Cooper's 'American Hustle' The Oscar Contender We Expected? [Trailer]

Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence Christian Bale Amy Adams Jeremy Renner

As 2013 moves closer to the Oscar bait months, Sony has released the first trailer for its secret weapon, David O'Russell's American Hustle, with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Christian Bale.

It boasts a cast of Academy favorites and the movie has been talked up since 2012, though will it deliver?

The movie is based on the true story of a brilliant con artist (Bale) named Irving Rosenfeld and his partner Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) who team up with an FBI agent (Cooper) to take down corrupt politicians and criminals in 1970s New Jersey.

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'A Night With Janis Joplin': Janis Joplin Brought To Life On Broadway

Janis Joplin Amy Adams Jimi Hendrix

The prolific 1960s rock n' roll singer might not be around any more to perform but fans of her songs can experience A Night With Janis Joplin: a musical celebration of Joplin and her lasting influence upon singers. Mary Bridget Davis stars as the "boozy, bluesy, hot-mama" legend Joplin in the musical which producers say will start previews in the Lyceum Theatre from September, according to the Associated Press. In 2005, she competed with 150 other actresses for the highly coveted role in a production which has toured Portland, Washington D.C., Pasadena and Milwaukee.

Janis Joplin Performed At Woodstock Festival In 1969.

The show is written and directed by Randy Johnson and will feature a live onstage band performing all the Joplin classics, including 'Me and Bobby McGee', 'Mercedez Benz' and 'Summertime'. The show's website describes Joplin as a "comet that burns far too brightly to last" and "the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll." Joplin's distinctive hoarse, husky sounding voice "filled with raw emotion and tinged with Southern Comfort" is described by music historian Tom Moon as "devastatingly original."

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Man Of Steel Enjoys 'Super' Opening Weekend; Scoring +$125 Million At Box Office

Henry Cavill Russell Crowe Amy Adams

Man of Steel may not have won everyone over yet, but the latest Superman adaption still went on to show that the man from Krypton still knows how to pull in a crowd, with the new film collecting a whopping $125.1 million at the box office in it's opening weekend. This figure now makes Man of Steel the top grossing debut in the month of June, and should this success continue then it could be on course to draw over a billion dollars in ticket sales.

The phenomenal takings for the film means that it has already come close to recouping it's suspected $225 million budget, and as well as being to top grossing film in June of all time (beating Toy Story 3's 2010 record of $110.3 million), it is also the top grossing film that any of the movie's stars have appeared in. That includes Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne and even Russell Crowe, as well as any films that Henry Cavill or Amy Adams have appeared in or director Zack Snyder has worked on, not bad for a film that was so routinely given a hard time by critics in the lead-up to the actual release.

Right now, the film looks as though it could make up the entirety of it's budget within another week, although there has been a trend lately that has seen audience number plummet after first week sales and Man of Steel could be the latest to adhere to the trend. Eitherway, the early signs will probably be enough to encourage Warner Bros. that they have another hit or their way and, therefore, should determine whether we'll see another Superman film at some point. It should also go some way towards deciding whether a Justice League film should be made, which we hope happens with every fibre of our bodies.

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Is The 'Man Of Steel' Really The Superhero Movie We've Been Waiting For?

Henry Cavill Michael Shannon Russell Crowe Amy Adams

The Man of Steel is the latest foray onto the big screen from arguably the comic book-world's biggest star; Superman. There is often a sense of anticipation surrounding a new Superman adaptation whenever one is made, but now it seems as though anticipation levels are in over-drive, and with good reason too, as the latest big screen take on the man who wears his underwear on the outside of his trousers has the potential to be one of the biggest comic book movies to date. However that doesn't necessarily mean that the film will be a hit, as this overview will try to explain why the film could be as big a disappointment as Superman Returns.

Watch The Man Of Steel Trailer

There are two names hanging above Man of Steel that seem to indicate big things for the movie: Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. Snyder has been lauded since his take on Frank Miller's 300 graphic novel and his work with Supermna is the first time he has had the chance to work with a proper superhero, and he now has the chance to bring something new to the Superman tale, a chance he is sure to take. As tempting as Snyder's name is, the real excitement is surrounding Christopher Nolan, the man who remade Batman and turned comic book movie-making into what it is today, and with the Brit filmaker on hand to write the story for the film, the chance to see a Superman film that retains the dark, seriousness of The Dark Knight shouldn't be one that you would want to pass up too easily. What usually happens when two greats come together though is usually a little underwhelming,a nd with Man of Steel this might be the case again - and the critical reception the film has so far received seems to indicate just that.

Continue reading: Is The 'Man Of Steel' Really The Superhero Movie We've Been Waiting For?

Man Of Steel Review


Superman gets the Dark Knight treatment, as Christopher Nolan offers a much grittier, more intensely personal look at the biggest superhero of them all. It's a flawed film that feels far too violent for its own good, but the pungent story holds us in its grip all the way through, cleverly weaving the character's back-story into a series of emotive flashbacks along with massively thrilling action sequences. And along the way there are resonant ethical dilemmas, family issues and pointed political drama.

Some 30 years ago, scientist Jor-El (Crowe) packed his infant son Kal-El into a pod and sent him to Earth to escape certain doom as the planet Krypton imploded after centuries of ecological abuse. This enrages the viciously tenacious General Zod (Shannon) who spends three decades searching for the child. Meanwhile, Kal-El (Cavill) was raised as Clark in Smallville, Kansas, by the Kents (Lane and Costner), who taught him to keep his powers in check. But when he activates a downed Kryptonian ship, he alerts Zod to his whereabouts. And just as nosey journalist Lois Lane (Adams) learns Clark's secret, Zod arrives to launch a full-on attack.

This is a film about internal conflicts, and everyone has to face up to their own desires and responsibilities. Even Zod, whose dedication to his people means that he is willing to wipe out humanity in order to recreate Krypton on Earth. So Kal-El is caught between protecting his adopted planet and being loyal to his birth species. Lois is struggling with keeping a big secret or reporting the news. All of this provides plenty of gristle for the actors to chew on, even if the dilemmas aren't actually that difficult. And even though they sometimes seem consumed by the elaborate sets and costumes.

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Man Of Steel - International Trailer

The world is facing the biggest global threat that it has ever come across as the Kryptonian villains General Zod and his assistant Faora attack with vengeance in their hearts searching to destroy a lost member of their race. Clark Kent is a journalist for the Daily Planet, adopted as a baby by a loving Kansas family and, though he has always been aware of his extraordinary powers of strength, speed, flight and not to mention intelligence, he has rarely sought to use them preferring to make an attempt to fit in with the rest of human civilisation. However, when his existence threatens the destruction of mankind, he finds he must embrace his true identity and use it to defend the world that has become his home.

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Man Of Steel - TV Spot

Clark Kent was born on the planet Krypton to two loving parents in the midst of its impending destruction. In a bid to save his life, his parents blast him safely to Earth where he is adopted by a Kansas couple named Martha and Jonathan Kent who raise him as their own son. As he grows older, however, he becomes an outcast having developed extraordinary superpowers that allow him to accomplish great feats of strength. He attempts to conceal his abilities to fit in as a budding journalist for the Daily Planet, but when a threat of galactic proportions threatens to destroy the Earth, he is forced to venture on a path of heroism and become the planet's saviour.

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'American Hustle' Resumes Boston Filming: David O'Russell's Movie Was Halted By Bomb Suspect Manhunt

David O Russell Christian Bale Amy Adams Bradley Cooper

David O’Russell’s latest movie, American Hustle, has resumed filming in Boston, after it was halted due to the city’s lockdown, after last week’s Boston marathon bombings. The Silver Linings Playbook director was filming his forthcoming movie, starring Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper but was shut down by police on Friday (April 19, 2013) as Boston’s police force embarked on a manhunt for suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, The Guardian reports.

American Hustle tells the story of the FBI’s Abscam sting operation in the late 1970s. The movie’s production team is thought to have been the only one shut down during the manhunt and a spokesperson for Sony’s studio told Deadline that the shoot was due to resume today (April 22, 2013). The movie is loosely based on genuine FBI history and the Abscam sting which led to the conviction of a senator and five members of the US House of Representatives on charges of bribery and conspiracy, between 1978 and 1980.

The 19 year old bombing suspect Tsarnaev was eventually cornered and arrested in the Watertown area of Boston, a day after a shoot-out that left his brother dead. The two siblings had been accused of planting pressure cooker bombs near the finish line of the popular marathon. Three people were killed in the explosion and more than 180 were injured. 

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Amy Adams Talks Up Lois Lane Role In Man Of Steel At Oscars

Amy Adams

Amy Adams was among the many female stars at last night’s Oscars to go with the trend of pale princess gowns, The Master star looking divine as she walked down the red carpet. However, in recent days, and again last night, the actress has been looking beyond the weekend’s movie-based festivities and to her future – Lois Lane, Superman and Man Of Steel.

Man Of Steel is Adams' next film to come out, in which she stars as the on-off girlfriend of Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent and, having spoken to Vanity Fair about it previously, she spoke to Ryan Seacrest for E! last night (February 24, 2013) about her influences for the role. "I think it's always important to pay attention to the people who went before you to take what works for the film you are doing but to add a modern touch” she said. "Margot Kidder was my Lois Lane so I'll always think of her.” Kidder starred as Lois Lane in four Superman films between 1978 and 1987 opposite Christopher Reeve.

Speaking to Vanity Fair about the role previously, Adams had commented “It was so fun, such a departure from anything I had done before. And more challenging than I expected, in the nature of creating these whole entire worlds that are not there.” Also starring Henry Cavill, Man Of Steel comes out on June 14, 2013.

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Three Reasons Why The Master Won't Dominate The Oscars

Joaquin Phoenix Paul Thomas Anderson Amy Adams Daniel Day Lewis Philip Seymour Hoffman

It was 'coming' for months; teasing us with enigmatic trailers, laced with a disconcertingly mistimed drum. It was the next big thing. With a directing CV representing no mistakes, this was going to be Paul Thomas Anderson's official entry into the pantheon of the greats.

And it still might be, but, as many are predicting, not via an instant hit of Oscar-narcotics. The 2013 Academy awards will recognise great films, no doubt, but it's likely The Master will be lucky to walk away with one.

So why is a film - which has been at the top or near the top of many critic's end of year lists - destined to 'underachieve' come Sunday, February 24th, only to spend years accumulating a cult status of its own? Here are three perfectly ridiculous reasons why not.

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The Ten Most Anticipated Films Of 2013

Jj Abrams Leonardo Dicaprio Jennifer Lawrence Henry Cavill Carey Mulligan Benedict Cumberbatch Josh Hutcherson Amy Adams Johnny Depp Armie Hammer Chloe Moretz Jim Carrey Brad Pitt Mireille Enos James Franco Chris Pine Baz Luhrmann Zack Snyder Gore Verbinski Sam Raimi Mila Kunis Will Ferrell Paul Rudd

As always, we'll need to sift through a vast number of sequels and remakes to find something original next year. But here are a few things worth looking forward to. Of course, release dates are subject to change...

Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

1. Star Trek: Into Darkness (May)

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Hot Tickets! US Movie Releases: Will Tom Cruise Make Or Break 'Jack Reacher'? Is 'This Is 40' As Good As 'Knocked Up'?

Tom Cruise Judd Apatow Paul Rudd Melissa McCarthy Megan Fox Ewan McGregor Naomi Watts Kristen Stewart Amy Adams Sam Riley Viggo Mortensen Kirsten Dunst

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is riding high in the US box office charts (way higher than its nearest competitor, Rise of the Guardians) this week and it’s unlikely that will change, though there are at least two releases this weekend that have been causing a stir. Tom Cruise stars in Jack Reacher – the adaptation of the Lee Child novel and This Is 40, the new comedy from Judd Apatow; a sequel to the popular comedy Knocked Up.

Some fans of Lee Child’s novels questioned the decision to cast Tom Cruise in the title role of Jack Reacher. He was, after all, originally on board as a producer only but after reading the script, it seems, he decided he’d like to have a go at starring in the movie too. It looks as though the gamble has just about paid off, as long as you enter the movie theatre with the understanding that what you are about to see is very much A Tom Cruise Movie, with Tom Cruise in standard Tom Cruise “cool and calculating” mode, as described by Betsy Sharkey of Los Angeles Times.

So far, the reviews are just about erring on the side of positive, with an aggregate of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes. Let’s face it, Tom Cruise’s rep has hardly had an easy ride this year and this is hardly challenging new ground for the Mission Impossible star, who has frequented many a steely action thriller of late. However, many reviewers have surmised that really, it’s Cruise that makes this movie. “This is Cruise’s show. And he nails it,” says Peter Travers of Rolling Stone. One for the Cruise fans, then. Wherever you are.

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A Week In Movies Feat: Tarantino's Django Unchained, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey And Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher All Premier

Quentin Tarantino Leonardo Dicaprio Jamie Foxx Samuel L Jackson Don Johnson Christoph Waltz Uma Thurman Martin Freeman Cate Blanchett Ian McKellen Tom Cruise Robert Duvall Rosamund Pike Armie Hammer Johnny Depp Henry Cavill Zack Snyder Amy Adams Michael Shannon Kevin Costner

Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained

In New York, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Don Johnson and a bald-shaven Christoph Waltz attended the premiere of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, joking with the photographers as they posed for them. And Tarantino even turned up with his Kill Bill star Uma Thurman on his arm.

Meanwhile in London, the first part in Peter Jackson's new trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, had its royal film performance this week with much of the cast in attendance, including Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett and Ian McKellen, who watched the film alongside Prince William. The film is in cinemas now, with the following chapters scheduled for next Christmas and the summer of 2014.

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Man Of Steel Trailer

Clark Kent is a young reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper. He was adopted when he was a child after planetary disaster caused him to be sent down to Earth when his home planet Krypton was destroyed. His adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent, brought him up in the rural town of Smallville in Kansas. Throughout his life, his super-abilities isolated him from the rest of the population; he had to make a choice about what kind of man he wanted to become equipped with these powers. Naturally, he transforms himself into the Superman, a new found alter-ego, and uses his astonishing faculties to defend the planet when it comes under attack from an evil force that could prove to be a match for his abilities.

'Man of Steel' is the epic DC comic book movie rebooting the original 'Superman' film series from the 80s. It was directed by the award-winning Zack Snyder ('300', 'Watchmen', 'Sucker Punch') and produced by his wife Deborah Snyder (who co-produced many of his movies) alongside 'The Dark Knight' trilogy producers Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas and Charles Roven. Based upon characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in DC Comics and written by David S. Goyer, 'Man of Steel' was filmed mainly in Plano, Illinois with Chicago and Vancouver as backdrops. It is set for UK release on June 14th 2013. 


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The Master Review


This jagged, meandering exploration of a Scientology-style movement is hauntingly mesmerising and packed with meaty performances. As he did in There Will Be Blood, writer-director Anderson is exploring how people control and influence each other, this time focussing on a twisted mentor-protege relationship that's strikingly well-played by Hoffman and Phoenix. 

The story takes place just after the war, as seaman Freddie Quells (Phoenix) struggles to overcome his physical and psychological injuries and fit back into society. After drifting across America, he stows away on a boat captained by Lancaster Dodd (Hoffman), who is known as the Master to followers of the Cause. He takes Freddie under his wing and coaches him to tap into his eternal soul by exploring who he was in past lives. So Freddie becomes part of the family with Dodd's strong-willed wife (Adams), doubtful son (Plemons) and more gung-ho daughter and son-in-law (Childers and Malek). And Freddie's stubbornness both annoys and challenges Dodd.

It's fascinating to watch these two men develop a tight connection while quietly jostling for power. The cycles of interaction make the film lurch in fits and starts as Freddie tries to elevate himself using Dodd's process, but continually finds another way all his own. In other words, both men are using each other to work out their own inner turmoil. While Hoffman gives a layered performance that bristles with quiet shadows and superficial bravado, Phoenix contorts his body and face into a man who has literally been crumpled up by his past. Meanwhile, the darkly intense Adams sneaks up and steals every scene she's in.

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On The Road Review


Despite the skill behind and in front of the camera, a badly constructed script flattens this film version of Jack Kerouac's iconic 1957 novel. It's beautifully shot and sharply played by the starry ensemble cast, but the repetitive structure leaves the film with no forward momentum. Instead of a voyage of discovery, it feels like a lot of random, pointless wandering.

Thinly autobiographical, the story centres on the young New York writer Sal (Riley). He's drawn to the charismatic Dean (Moriarty), a charming rogue who's married to 16-year-old Marylou (Stewart) but is having an affair with Camille (Dunst) while seducing every other woman he meets. And quite a few men as well, including Sal's friend Carlo (Sturridge). All of them are writers and artists, hanging out in clouds of hash smoke as they drive back and forth across America in search of something to write about.

Of course, Sal finds this in Dean as their friendship ebbs and flows over several years. Since this is essentially Sal's story, it's rather odd that the film abandons him from time to time to follow someone else, leaping jarringly into another situation, often marked by Dean's sudden reappearance after yet another bit of roaming. So while we understand how everyone is held in Dean's magnetic orbit, we can't quite see the point of it all. Sal may be obsessed with his thoughts of Dean, but he seems strangely willing to abandon him time and time again. There isn't nearly enough of the scene-stealing costars like Mortensen, Adams and Buscemi. And frankly, it should be a crime to waste Moss (of Mad Men fame) in such a fragmented role.

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Can Clint Eastwood Score A Home Run With 'Trouble With The Curve'?

Clint Eastwood Amy Adams Jennifer Lawrence

It looks as though Clint Eastwood has hit a home run with his latest movie ‘Trouble With the Curve.’ It’s the first time that Clint has starred in a movie directed by anyone other than his good self, since 1993’s In the Line of Fire and Trouble With The Curve sees him playing the role of an ageing baseball scout trying to reconcile his relationship with his daughter (played by Amy Adams). It’s an easy-to-swallow, conventional story and should grab the attention of middle-America, who have hopefully managed to forget Clint’s bizarre ‘empty chair’ performance at the recent Republican Convention.

Reviews of the new Clint Eastwood movie have so far been encouraging. Clint gives a strong performance of a man struggling with the effects that the passing of time has on his physical existence and “Amy Adams makes a good match as the career-driven daughter with festering resentment,” according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy. Variety’s Justin Chang is equally complementary of the lead actors’ on-screen chemistry: “Robert Lorenz's square but sturdy directing debut rests on the wonderfully spiky chemistry between Eastwood and Amy Adams as a testy old scout and his equally strong-willed daughter.”

Trouble With the Curve opens tomorrow (September 21, 2012) and somewhat ironically, given the public response to the Clint Eastwood speech at the Republican Convention, it looks as though his political dabblings may have upped the profile for the movie. Reuters report that the film is now among the top five best-selling advance tickets for this coming weekend. It faces competition at the box office from Jennifer Lawrence’s new horror movie The House At The End of The Street and the Judge Dredd movie, Dredd 3D.

Man Of Steel Trailer

Clark Kent is a young reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper. He was adopted when he was a child after planetary disaster caused him to be sent down to Earth when his home planet Krypton was destroyed. His adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent, brought him up in the rural town of Smallville in Kansas. Throughout his life, his super-abilities isolated him from the rest of the population; he had to make a choice about what kind of man he wanted to become equipped with these powers. Naturally, he transforms himself into the Superman, a new found alter-ego, and uses his astonishing faculties to defend the planet when it comes under attack from an evil force that could prove to be a match for his abilities.

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The Muppets Review

Using their long absence from the screen as a premise, this film astutely taps into the nostalgia former fans still feel for these anarchic, loveable characters while winning over new followers. And even though it's very silly, it's still hugely enjoyable.

In Smalltown America, Walter (Linz) has always felt different from his brother Gary (Segel). He has longed to meet the Muppets, his childhood heroes, and gets the chance when Gary and his girlfriend Mary (Adams) take him on a trip Los Angeles. But the Muppet Theatre is in ruin, and an evil tycoon (Cooper) is planning to tear it down and drill for oil. After meeting Kermit (Whitmire), Walter, Mary and Gary hatch a plan to save the theatre. But most of the Muppets have moved on with their lives.

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The Fighter Review

Director Russell significantly ups his game with this visceral drama based on the true story of two boxing brothers, one on his way up and one going down fast. But it's the emotional resonance of the tale that makes it so gripping.

In small-town 1993 Massachusetts, Dickie (Bale) is a crack addict who lives in his own glorious past as a boxer who once knocked down Sugar Ray Leonard. But his erratic life is jeopardising the growing career of his half-brother Micky (Wahlberg), who he's training and managing with their tough-as-nails mother (Leo). Micky knows that in order to further his career, he'll need to make a difficult break from his messy family. Then he meets Charlene (Adams), a barmaid who encourages him to go for it. And of course they see her as the villain.

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Enchanted Review

Very Good
In a fairly surprising move, Disney has come forward and shown it has an actual sense of humor about its patented brand of cheesy, clichéd, and relentless peppiness. Previously, self-reference has been limited to cross marketing between one Disney film and the next; but in Enchanted the message seems to be: Yeah, we know we've got our share of hokey archetypes, but it works for us. It's a refreshing attitude.

Giselle lives in the conflation of every single Disney trope ever, in an animated, magical fairy-tale kingdom full of songs of her one true love. The evil queen (who is also a wicked stepmother) can't have some upstart marry the prince and move in on her territory, so she banishes Giselle from animation to reality: New York, to be precise.

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Cruel Intentions 2 Review

So here's the story. Cruel Intentions was a moderate success in the theaters back in 1999, so they figured they'd turn it into a TV show. Intended as a prequel to the film, it would be called Manchester Prep, tracing the early strife between Kathryn and Sebastian. Manchester Prep turned out to be so bad they cancelled it before a single episode ever aired.

So what do you do with all that footage? Release it as a movie!

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The Wedding Date Review


Ingenuity creeps into several scenes of the largely stereotypical chick-flick love comedy "The Wedding Date" -- but all its imagination comes at the wrong end of the creative process. What good is a uniquely photographed dance scene if the characters dancing together are barely two-dimensional?

The plot is pure, predictable sitcom gimmickry: Debra Messing plays a romantically frazzled beauty in her early 30s (not entirely unlike her sitcom role on TVs "Will and Grace") who hires an escort (Dermot Mulroney) to act the part of a besotted boyfriend at her sister's wedding. She hopes to stave off haranguing from her embarrassing, busybody mother (the fabulously uppity Holland Taylor) and stir jealousy in the ex-fiancé who left her at the altar two years before.

Peppered with conventional montage sequences (set to shopworn 1950s girl-group ditties and Shania Twain anthems), and pushed along by overly-staged scenes that defy common sense, the script is clumsy at best. Even though she's anxious about pulling off this stunt, Messing hires Mulroney sight unseen and doesn't concoct a backstory (his occupation, where they met, how long they've been dating) until pulling him into a coat room at the rehearsal dinner in a panic. This despite having a 12-hour cross-Atlantic flight during which they could have been rehearsing their fictional relationship.

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Justice League Trailer

Justice League Trailer

The planet is in turmoil. Superman is apparently dead and crime rates have surged around...

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Justice League Teaser Trailer

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Justice League - Comic Con Trailer

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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Official Trailer

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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Comic Con Trailer

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