Cowell: 'American Idol Will End Alicia Keys' Career'

  • 09 February 2005

British music mogul [Simon Cowell]( has a harsh warning for ALICIA KEYS - he believes his reality show [American Idol]( will kill her career.

Cowell, who serves as a judge on American Idol alongside [Paula Abdul]( and [Randy Jackson](, admits that after three years of auditioning wannabe singers, he's become extremely fed up of hearing Keys' 2001 hit FALLIN' - and music itself.

He says, "I hate music now. I truthfully despise it. I honestly loathe it.

"When somebody walks into the audition room you can just tell before it even starts that it's gonna be a monstrous audition and you've gotta sit through this song. I ask the question, 'What are you gonna sing?' Fallin' by Alicia Keys, that's the song!'

"It's like a dark cloud going over the sun when I hear it mentioned because it's such an earnest song and it just goes on and on and on. I think our show is gonna kill her career. I can't hear it anymore."

Cowell, who has already banned contestants from performing [R Kelly]('s I BELIEVE I CAN FLY, is also considering putting a block on Fallin'.

09/02/2005 21:36