Diddy Wears Shades To Hide His Soul

  • 06 November 2006

Rap mogul Sean Combs has revealed one of his trademark style secrets, he wears sunglasses to hid the truth in his eyes. The rapper and entrepreneur started hiding behind dark shades after watching his appearance at a press conference after the 1991 New York basketball stampede, which he organised. Diddy saw pictures of himself trying to explain what led to the post-game riot that left nine kids dead on the court - and he realised he didn't want to look so vulnerable ever again. He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "What happened at City College is the worst thing that ever happened to me. "I felt such a form of sorrow and remorse and then I saw a picture of myself going through it. I saw all of myself revealed, in my eyes, and that's why I wear shades. It's a protecting thing. "If anybody looks into my eyes, they see there's just a f**kin' child in there. You see my eyes, you know what I'm thinking. If I'm mad, you're going to be able to tell. If I'm sad, (there's) no way I can hide it. "Looking into my eyes, you can touch my soul."