PIA TOSCANO has emerged as the favourite to win season ten of American Idol after a show-stopping performance on Wednesday night (2nd March 2011)

PIA TOSCANO, the American Idol contestant who received a standing ovation on Wednesday's show, is now considered the favourite to triumph on season ten.

Toscano was the "big surprise" of the night after singing The Pretenders hit 'I'll Stand by You'. According to MTV News, Pia, "Dug deep and showed off her pitch-perfect pipes", adding, "Her range was sick, she had confidence, she effortlessly hit some major power notes. America stood up and noticed, as did the judges, who gave her the first official standing ovation of season 10". The performance had stunned viewers of this week's show, as Toscano has rarely been feature on the series until now. Other contestants such as CASEY ABRAMS, JACOB LUSK, LAUREN ALAINA and the recently eliminated Chris Medina had dominated the audition stages but Toscano has now emerged as the singer to beat.

After her performance, PIA TOSCANO successfully made it through to the live finals, after the 24 contestants were rounded down to 6 boys and 8 girls. She will be joined by the likes of SCOTTY MCREERY, JAMES DURBIN, THIA MEGIA and HALEY REINHART to vie for the coveted crown of American Idol.