Phillip Phillips may be the American Idol champion, but it appears to have been a gruelling few months for the singer-songwriter. The 21-year-old's father revealed on Thursday (May 24, 2012) that his son has undergone eight surgeries since his first audition in January.

Phillip Phillips senior told People magazine, "He's been doing [well], but it's just gruelling hours and it's just amazing what he's done through the journey". The young singer suffered from a build-up of kidney stones and had surgery to remove them - he is scheduled to have further surgery in the next few weeks, though this shouldn't interfere with his participation on the Idol summer tour. His father added, "They've just seen a glimpse of what Phillip can do.We can't wait to get him well and 100 per cent and really see how he can perform". Following his win over Jessica Sanchez on Wednesday, Phillip said he had "great doctors" who had helped him out throughout the series, adding, "It's just a blessing to be here".

He certainly has plenty on his plate right now, and taped an appearance on Thursday for NBC's 'Tonight Show'. He took to Twitter to tell fans, "So cool to be on .Such a cool guy and got to meet the amazing Glenn Close! Never thought i would ever be on a late night show haha."