16-year-old JESSICA SANCHEZ lost the 'American Idol' winners crown to PHILLIP PHILLIPS at the season 11 finale on Wednesday night (May 23rd 2012).

Despite narrowly losing out on the prize record contract, Sanchez was all smiles as Phillips was announced the winner. MTV caught up with her to see how she was dealing with the news.

'I'm kind of relieved that this whole thing is over, but I am also going to miss everybody here', she says. 'And I really think that Phillip really deserved to win, and I'm so happy for him.' She also insists that she has no regrets despite the judges' negative comments on her choice of single. She is excited about the future and putting herself into music, '[The judges] are really excited for me, so I'm excited too.'

Sanchez tells Mtv that she knew Phillips was going to be crowned the winner. 'I was smiling the whole time', she says. 'I was like, 'This fool is gonna win, and I love him so much!'' She added that she had told him that he was going to win admitting that he had worked harder than the rest of them and had to deal with health problems along the way.