The 39-year-old singer, who became a Broadway sensation in the hit musical Rock of Ages, hit headlines last Wednesday (12Aug15) amid allegations he kicked Angelina Reed during an argument.

He was taken into custody in Wyckoff on a charge of domestic violence, but after posting bail, Maroulis released a statement sharing his side of the story, insisting he was simply defending himself after Reed lashed out at him as he tried to end the relationship.

He subsequently won an order of protection against Reed, who was ordered to stay away from the house they once shared with their four-year-old daughter, Malena.

Maroulis was also slapped with a restraining order by his ex, and on Sunday (16Aug15), he was busted for allegedly ignoring the no-contact ruling.

He has since been bailed, and his representative insists Reed was accidentally copied on an email intended for Maroulis' lawyers. According to, the message detailed various incidents leading up to Wednesday's fight, and he was arrested again when Reed complained to police.

Playing down the incident on Monday (17Aug15), Maroulis' spokesperson tells, "Constantine accidentally sent her an email last night. It's truly a non-issue. To the best of my understanding, he was doing a lot of emails late at night, and she accidentally got included on a list. He has no interest in being in touch with her. His only interest is in seeing his child as soon as he can."

Maroulis is due to appear in Wyckoff Municipal Court to answer the assault charge later this week (19Aug15).