Boston native Angie Miller is the favorite to win this year's American Idol competition heading into tonight's top three challenge. She faces off against South Carolina's Candice Glover, 23, and Texan Kree Harrison, 22, though it appears to be Miller's time to shine.

On Wednesday (May 8, 2013), each woman will perform three songs - a judge's choice, Jimmy Iovine's pick and their own selection. According to the Boston Herald, judge Mariah Carey has been begging Angie to treat the judges to one of her original hits for weeks, given she lit up the auditions round with her pop ballad 'You Set Me Free.' The song has been viewed nearly 4 million times in YouTube and there is speculation that Miller could release the track should she win the title.

Miller's songwriting ability appears to have given the edge over both Glover and Harrison and she's also a skilled pianist, which would help as an Idol winner. Tonight's episode will also highlight the hometown visits of each contestant, with Miller delighting the crowds in her hometown of Beverly on Saturday (May 4, 2014).

Who do you think this year's American Idol? Is it Angie Miller's time or can underdogs Candice Glover and Kree Harrison do it?

Phillip Phillips took last year's title before going on to release 'Home' - the biggest selling of all the American Idol coronation songs.


Angie MillerAngie Miller Could Take This Year's American Idol Title