American Idol winner Phillip Phillips will undergo surgery on his kidney on Tuesday (May 29, 2012) and will be recuperating in a swanky Malibu mansion, according to Phillips reportedly endured immense pain during the entire 'Idol' competition, but managed to hold on and win the title last week.

The result of suffering from a congenital kidney stone problem, Phillips has already gone under the knife eight times, though doctors want to work on the singer again immediately. They had reportedly urged Phillips to undergo surgery before the American Idol finale, though he had sought to delay his hospital visit until after the show. Doctors had inserted a stent into Phillip's kidneys around 7 weeks ago, though this was just a temporary fix and the pain has bordered on unbearable. As mentioned, the latest procedure will go ahead on Tuesday afternoon, with Phillips expected to take around six weeks to recover.

The good news for the singer is that a head honcho from the 'A.I' production company has offered Phillips and his parents his Malibu home for the entire recovery period. He was named the winner of this year's American Idol on May 23, 2012 after receiving the majority of a record breaking 132 million votes.