Well, it’s about that time again – time to announce the top three contestants on this year’s round of American Idol. Where did the time go? So from last night’s performances we know that Jena Irene is pretty much safe – when you make Jennifer Lopez so excited that she starts dropping F-bombs on camera, it’s a pretty safe bet that you aren’t going home (well, not permanently anyway). Beware of spoilers ahead.

Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson had the spotlight before the finalists were announced.

Before the final reveal, however, we got to hear some of Randy Jackson’s oh-so-valuable critique (we’re guessing the show just had too much time leftover). Despite the fact that Jackson’s praise was largely unnecessary, it was nice to hear him being so unusually nice to the contestants, so we’ll let that slide.

After Jackson’s little moment of wisdom, it was time for the big reveal – three of the remaining contestants were going forward and one was going home. And the three finalists were… drumroll, please…  Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, and Alex Preston! This means that, unfortunately, Jessica Meuse was voted out of the final three. The country singer took the news pretty hard, but she still managed to pull herself together and give a performance of Blue-Eyed Lie to remember her by. 

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Jessica Meuse
Jessica Meuse was voted off last night.

Oh well, no time to mourn the eliminated. Next week, the three remaining hopefuls will air their respective “hometown” segments, so it’s about time to pick favorites. Who’s your pick for American Idol 2014?