Last night’s episode of American Idol saw the nine remaining finalists take on the Beatles catalogue – with varying success.

In preparation for the night, producer and Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine had this to say to the remaining singers: "If you sing these songs well they will deliver for you," he advised. "If you don't sing them well, the whole world is going to know." And they did. The night was mostly filled with ballads from the band’s catalogue, perhaps because those are usually the wider known Beatles tracks, or maybe they were just the safer choices? That didn’t really save some of the Idol wannabes, though.

Clearly, some of the contestants, like Amber Holocomb and Lazaro Arbos, were not familiar and certainly not comfortable with their songs, which didn’t go unnoticed by the judges or the audience. Their performances of She’s Leaving Home and In My Life, respectively, elicited the worst response from the judges, and Arbos’s rendition was dubbed the worst of the night by Randy Jackson. A performance everyone could rally behind turned out to be Jannelle Arthur’s closing rendition of the fairly obscure I Will, off The White Album – yes, another ballad, but this one was actually interesting to listen to. It was certainly more country than rock'n roll, but oddly enough, not bad.

So, who’s going home? Well, it could be any of the guys, really, but our money is on Lazaro.

Janelle Arthur, Idol Finalists Party
According to popular opinion, it was Janelle who stole the show.