The first half of last night's American Idol episode (April 25, 2012) was a Queen-themed affair, with the contestants brushing off their finest Freddie Mercury impressions. The remaining six performers knew that they had to bring their A-game to last night's show. With so few of them left, there was no room for error. They weren't too far into proceedings before judge Randy Jackson cooed "wow! what a night so far!" and proved that the extra effort they were putting in was clearly paying off.

Jessica Sanchez drew further praise from Randy, with her performance of 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' When she'd finished he said to the girl that the judges saved in a dramatic fashion two weeks ago, "You're so natural. You know what was wrong with that? Absolutely nothing." Jessica has clearly secured her spot in the judges' favourites; she just has to make sure that she keeps the public onside. Another favourite for Jennifer, Randy and Steven, is Joshua Ledet, who impressed once more, last night, with 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love.'

The only low points of the show came when the singers returned to perform non-Queen numbers. Phillip Philiips' performance of The Dave Matthews Band's 'The Stone' divided the judging panel. At least his performance of 'Fat Bottomed Girls' drew some laughter, when Steven Tyler looked at Jennifer Lopez (who is renowned for her ample derriere) and said "You know what they say, the bigger the cushion ..." Lopez looked back at him and retorted: "Why are you looking at me?" "'Cus you were looking at me," said Tyler. "Don't you start with me now!"