American Idol contestant Phillip Phillips has ignored the orders of his personal doctor in order to compete in tonight's grand finale (May 22, 2012). Multiple sources tell that Phillips - who suffers from kidney problems - went back home to Georgia on Saturday (May 19, 2012) and was urged by his doctor to get surgery immediately.

The family doctor spent "almost the entire stay" by his side and was alarmed by what he saw. The singer wasn't eating and reportedly "looked horrible". Phillips problems got so bad at the beginning of the competition that he had a stent put in as a temporary measure until he could receive surgery. However, the condition has worsened and the singer's doctor pleaded with him to miss the final, though eventually compromised and warned that he "absolutely" needed to go under the knife immediately afterwards. Phillip's condition is already impacting on his singing ahead of the finale and his medication causes "dry mouth". He has also missed some of the field productions that are shot for the show because of his illness, and was forced to pull out of a Ford commercial.

Nevertheless, Phillips is still the favorite to be crowned American Idol champion this week, though it won't be easy ride against the talented Jessica Sanchez.