Nicki Minaj isn’t one to mince her words and in a recent conference call with reporters this week, she was quite open about what she was expecting when she signed up to the show. “I felt like, 'Okay. I know everybody's just going to hate me,” she said, according to Fox News, before adding a dismissive “Oh well.”

As it turns out, Nicki was half right and half wrong. She has certainly caused a stir since she’s been on the show, though she claims that she doesn’t always understand people’s reactions to her behaviour. “I didn't realize that maybe I am a bit strange," she said. "The way people react to what I say to the contestants, it's like, that's really how I act. But people think it's kind of strange. Like when I asked Kree Harrison to marry me… I guess looking back at it now, maybe no 'Idol' judge has ever asked a contestant to marry them on live TV. I don't know. I guess in general I'm just surprised at the way people react to things that I see as very normal."

Nicki was also unequivocal when it came to another important matter: who is going to win the show. Obviously no one knows that just yet but Nicki is sure of one thing: It’s going to be a girl. When she was asked if there was any hope of a guy winning this season, she answered “No, absolutely not.” 

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj expected to be hated on American Idol