The latest contestant to be voted off American Idol is Devin Velez.

This fits in perfectly with Nicki Minaj’s early prediction that the men were going to have a tough time this season. Not only was Velez voted off last night (March 28), but he was in the bottom three along with the other two male contestants, Lazaro Arbos and Burnell Taylor, while all five of the female contestants were safe this week. As his final song, Velez performed a bilingual rendition of "Somos Novios (It's Impossible)", but the judges chose not to save him. Even so, Mariah Carey was visibly upset by him leaving and, according to Devin, it was the first time he had seen the singer cry.

Despite the emotional goodbye, however, Velez says he has no regrets about his time on Idol. "It's been a great journey," Velez told Us Weekly after being voted off the FOX talent competition. "It can only get better from here, and I still get to do the tour."

Besides still aiming to have a successful music career, maybe even release a couple of albums in Spanish, 18-year-old Velez also holds some very ordinary teenage aspirations. "I'm hoping to go back home and win prom king," the aspiring musician revealed. "It's a military ball. There is still a crown, and it's still hopefully mine, so I'll think positive." Good on him, then.

Devin Velez, American Idol Finalists Party
Velez will try for prom king and he still has the Idol tour to look forward to.