Wednesday night’s American Idol stage was the setting for an emotionally charged performance by finalist Angie Miller in the wake of the Boston bombing. Miller is not technically a Bostonian, but she grew up in a town just 30 minutes outside the city. As such, she wanted to express her support for her community and Boston as a whole with a special musical tribute.

“Right when [the bombings] happened, I knew that I wanted to have some sort of dedication-- show my love for Boston-- in some sort of way,” Miller told Fox News after her performance.

She chose the song “I’ll Stand By You” for the occasion as the ballad “fit perfectly” with her emotions. “I love Boston. I want Boston to know that I love them, and I hope that song did that,” Angie commented.

The singer wasted no time, tweeting her support for the city right after the tragic event on Monday: “My heart is breaking,” she wrote. “Praying for all of you in Boston right now, and to all the families of those who were injured.”

She later added: “My heart is going out to my home.” Angie’s performance won her the praise of the judges, as well as cheers from the crowd.

Angie Miller, Fox
Miller is one of the five remaining female finalists on 'Idol'