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this week,is disco week for american idol,pass the word to lili,that she should sing last dance,by donna summer,star the song off slow,and go in to the disco verson,it is fitted for her voice,and this song would put you back on top,even if this is disco you hear me lili,simmon eyes tell the story,he want you to blow the songs away.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by sugar ray coney

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I realize the show ran over last week, BUT to not hear Simon's comments everytime the contestants sing, is soooo dissapointing! Simon makes the show!!!!!!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Aunt k-k

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i love AI, i do think it would be great if they had a week, or two where they did their own music, that would be pretty interesting; for sure! i'm going to see some former contestants at idol mania live! you'll have to google it, since i can't put link in here. idol mania live!awesome!! can't wait!!

Posted 12 years 2 weeks ago by mrsbell

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Why does Ryan Seacrest think he's clever by trying to riducule Simon Cowell? Unfortunately he doesn't have the intelligence to understand our British art of Sarcasm!!!Simon's reference to a Karoke performance means that the person likes to hog the mic but no real feeling.A theme park performance - all singing all dancing and no breadth of character - a George W characteristic.Piano bar performance - background music which is easily forgettable once you've walked away!Simon has breath of character and is honest and doesn't need to kiss anyone's posterior!!!Paula please get the fence the splinters must be hurting by now!!!! I've got some tweezers if you want to borrow a pair!!!!!

Posted 12 years 7 months ago by brits r fun

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i agree ryan is rude to simon, paula says way too many nice things to the contestants. it's like she's scared that they might not like her. who cares tell the truth like simon. it might be a little arsh but it's the real world. i like american idol but it's time for the singers to sing songs up beat i'm tired of the slow and safe songs. it's like they are scared to go for the gold and settle with the bronze. good luck to the contestants.

Posted 12 years 8 months ago by sabercat33

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We have watched your show for the last 4 years. This year I don't know what Ryan's problem is. Simon is being honest and it seems that Ryan always has a smart-ass remark to him. He doesn't do that to Paula or Randy. I feel that sometimes Simon says things before he thinks, which we are all guilty of doing occasionally, but Ryans looks like he can't wait to make a nasty remark concerning Simons revue of the performance. I would like to hear Ryan's answer.Thank you,ChasPat

Posted 12 years 9 months ago by ChasPat

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It is truly embarassing to watch paula abdul so wasted this week. what kind of role model is she?Please either send her to rehab or replace her for the sake of all the viewers.

Posted 12 years 9 months ago by poohie

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I can't believe the judges thought and agreed that Where the boys are was a country song...That was unfair to the singer. She should have another chance. Sorry guys, you were wrong.

Posted 12 years 9 months ago by eieiomc

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a person should only be able to vote one time (not 10 times !!!!!) i agree with who said the contestants should write and sing their own songs...

Posted 13 years 1 week ago by blugenes

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The American Idol show tonight was a big disappointment to me as well as to thousands of other viewers. Technically all they did for two hours was beg for money. If I had known that it was gonna be like that, I would not have watched the show. It was totally cruel to let Jordin think she was going home and she naturally thought that since she was the last one standing. I am now beginning to think, as other viewers do, that "SANGINA" was a "plant". in order to make sure the viewers watched because they wanted him to be sent home. The only thing good on the show last night was Elvis and Celine. That was a very good move. After this season, I think I will watch something else instead. Things have just gone to "pot" with American Idol.

Posted 13 years 7 months ago by [email protected]'s picture

I just watched tonight's result show and I'm astonished how Sanjaya received more votes than Gina the person who was cut tonight. Gina can actually sing and she could carry a tune, Sanjaya is plain boring and he sucks, the bottom 3 should have been Sanjaya, Phil and Haley based on last night's performance, with Sanjaya going home. America got this wrong.

Posted 13 years 8 months ago by law d

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the sangayaisms are already beyond disgusting!And howard stern for his suggestion to vote for the worstvocal is no surprise......the asshole "par excelence"!!!!!(shmocky)

Posted 13 years 8 months ago by condominium

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well I've been watching this show for three seasons now and I have to say that this is the biggest joke of a TV show. Why are all these good singers being voted off and Sanjaya is still there? Is America so bored with itself that it actually lets good singing talent slip by the wayside in order to allow someone like Sanjaya remain on the show, merely because people feel sorry for him? Were is the Talent the show is based on?

Posted 13 years 8 months ago by sundown272

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Hey! How you doing, I just want to know why Antonella Barba is still on the show, because she was in nude pictures too, just as well as Frenchie, from season 2. She was put off the show when she was better then the other contestants, and now you'll letting Antonella Barba go on that is not fare at all.

Posted 13 years 9 months ago by nightmareBush

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I am so fruious with this girl Antonella.I think she is disgusting, and truly should be eliminated!She is not that talented, and I didnt like the comment that Simon made, saying that the good news was that she is attractive..why wouldnt he say that to other contestants..some of the good looking black girls. ( I am not Black ) ..but, I can see a preferance happening. Either way, this girl is a pig and she tries to come across as a good wholesome american innocent girl..and she is far from it, she should not be representing America!!

Posted 13 years 9 months ago by angelin my pocket

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I can not believe how rigged American Idol is. I think they know who is going to win before the show even starts. I can not believe that people would vote in a man who looks like an old man and can not sing worth beans. There were so many other contestants that sang much better than he did and yet he still won. Either America has lost it or it was totally rigged. I will not watch the show after that pick....

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by beas143

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Simon- I totaly agree with your comments on katherine I dont know how america could still have her on she blubs her songs and smiles and licks her lips constantly why does American Idol still have her on???? I think for next years show if america cant vote properly then let you,paula and randy be in total control of the shows voting system and then and only then will america see a true IDOL...P.S bring Chris back he is americas Idol!!!

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by American Idol Fan

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Chris has alot of talent and will be snatched up by some big record label. I'm absolutely positive that he will go far. However, he is obviously not American Idol material. Has anyone seen his interview?!? What a conceited jerk. An Idol must be gracious and kind and appreciative of the opportunity to be an Idol contestant. He's just ungrateful and rude and self- absorbed. Good luck, Chris, but get and attitude adjustment.

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by onefatbaby

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I think that Chris was an excellent singer and will definately have a career in music. Hello! He's so talented that some record label will snatch him up. However, he has shown in his post-Idol interview that he is not American Idol material. What a conceited jerk. An Idol must be gracious and grateful to the public and to his/her peers. What Chris has shown is nothing short of ungratefulness for the great opportunity and a whole lotta self-absorbtion.

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by onefatbaby

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I thought Shakira's dance performance and song on American Idol were inappropriate for this show -- it bordered on the lewdness most often seen on MTV. Most families watch AI because it is a show the whole family can view without having to worry about overt sexuality and nasty lyrics. I think the producers should have been more upset by this than by her failure to meet with contestants.

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by pkturner

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Mr simon,yes you are now a brand, congratulations!But I wish to tell you that you are cruel. Theres something wrong about passing off peoples hardest efforts with a few irresponsible ill bred comments, you can be constructive and objective and still be simon, I mean there's a Randy AND a Paula!

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by gazzelle 44

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American idol is the best tv show ever which displays alot of talent.I just love this show.

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by phillisha

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I think if people real want to compete then they should have contestants write their own songs without music and sing them. That would be a good show. Not contestants singing others songs, but their own.

Posted 14 years 12 months ago by Jevon66

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