Amber Valletta is ''obsessed'' with eye cream.

The 'Hitch' star has confessed she keeps her skin looking fresh and attempts to fight wrinkles by applying her favourite skin-brightening creams twice daily.

She told Into The Gloss: ''I'm obsessed with eye creams

''For a while, I used the Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye Cream, but recently I switched over to Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes Dark Circle Radiance Concentrate because it's better for my dark circles, like the name says. I use it day and night.

''I don't have any major lines, so I focus on plumping and hydrating--that's the key for beauty. I'll go to the Japanese grocery store and pick out any sheet masks that promise moisture. I have no idea what's inside them, but I enjoy them anyway.''

The blonde beauty, 40 - who has struggled with skin conditions in the past - also admitted she had to alter her diet and even cut out her favourite foods in a bid to improve her complexion.

She explained: ''I always had pretty good skin until this period in my late 30s where it got really angry. I think it was a hormone change or something--I just kept getting these really awful bumps, one after another. Finally I saw an Ayurvedic doctor who told me 'You need to cut out this, this, and this,' sort of like a cleanse.

''The whole process was really tailored--she looks at your eyes and your tongue and she said I had too much fire in my system. I had to cut out all spicy foods. I'm still pretty much on that diet, but I'm not as strict as I should be--I'll have dairy and drink coffee. But cutting things out cleared my skin up a lot.''