Amber Tamblyn almost turned down her role on 'House'.

The 27-year-old actress - who plays student Martha Masters in the medical drama series - has revealed she was unsure about signing up to the hit programme as she didn't think starring in a hospital-based show would be much "fun".

She explained: "I thought, 'I don't want do a medical show, that doesn't sound very fun to me'. I started asking my friends about it and they all went, 'Are you an idiot? Have you ever seen it?'

"I felt stupid for ever thinking that. I rented a bunch of the seasons and I was really blown away."

The brunette beauty - who is currently starring alongside James Franco in new movie '127 Hours' - admitted she based many of her character's traits on those of a close friend, who is also a medical student called Martha Masters.

Amber said: "They made her sign a release saying she wouldnt sue Fox. I'm not saying anything out of turn or mean about her, but she's incredibly brilliant and sometimes she can be very socially awkward."